October 2nd, 2013

Rubiks Cube

Calling All Nobodies

Hello hello, mes amis. Raise your hand if you discriminate against others based on race/religion/sexual orientation/interests/appearances/age/affluence or lack of it/preferred toppings for tacos! Everybody's hands up in the air? Good! Now march your asses away from this post!

To the rest of you, a warm welcome. My sole ambition on LJ is to talk, and as stimulating as it may be to talk to oneself, it does get predictable after a while. Luckily, here on this fine planet I've heard there are an abundance of fellow humans with which to converse, and thus the problem of self-predictability is rectified! However, I'm not picky. If you are not, in fact, a fellow human being, but are by chance some other sentient being with access to this website, you are indeed most welcome here.

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Most of my journal is public, so feel free to take a gander and browse for a bit. I'm a bit wary of random adds, so please, drop me a line here or on my journal if you're interested in being friends. Over and out,