October 3rd, 2013


Starting over new.

Hola! This is my second time around on lj. First time was 2 years ago and I got caught up in life and am now settled with a new journal.
Looking for new friends to read about. I'm not a daily updater and I don't do daily comments. So don't feel pressured if you want to add and you only update once a year.  I'm open minded and am willing to listen to anybody and anything. Currently learning tarot cards and am waiting for the 50th anniversary of Doctor who but i'm filing the time watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix . . . .

My bio and interest are non existent so I will list a couple for you. I am a flaky and wispy person when it comes to life. Some days I want screamo and some days I want hardcore rap (but no country). I love rain until I miss the sun and then I miss the clouds again. I'm in a love/hate relationship with everybody I know and I love/hate it that way. Though I am a loyal person and I know when not to flake out. It is just one of my many flaws.

Just a girl trying to handle moving out on my own and growing up and dealing with the repercussions on the choices I've made. You are cordially invited to my journey. I love and need advice and i'm down for being friends.

Deal breaker: There may be post about me and my roommate drinking or the occasional time I visit the bar. I may post recipes for cocktails I try on the weekends. Its not going to be every post. But if you're against it, then add me and if its too frequent than un-add me. Its that simple.

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Hello! Nice to meet you.

My first experience of livejournal was thanks to the Doctor Who fandom, where I made some amazing friends and wrote some terrible fanfiction. Now, I'd like to think I'm a bit of a better writer, but sadly a lot of the people I knew have left livejournal behind. So I'd like to meet more people!

I'm a mid-twenties British (pseudo) redhead who takes life a bit too seriously sometimes, but mostly enjoys having a giggle at things and getting on with my life. I have a fulltime job and live with my boyfriend, and I mostly use my journal to talk about my real life, spliced with writing updates. I write original fiction for the most part and I enjoy sharing it with others, although I'm not exactly the, er, most dedicated person you'll ever meet.

As someone on your f-list I will read and comment on your entries any time I actually check my f-list, which varies with how busy I am in real life. I like to actively engage with my f-list and make friends, create inside jokes and laugh about the silliest things. I like drinking coffee but I tend not to because it makes me a bit hyperactive. I also love cats and the country Scotland.

A word of warning, I usually drop quite a few swear words in my journal and sometimes I write lengthy entries, but most of the time I'm considerate enough to put these behind a cut (my most recent posts probably do not reflect this, however - apologies).

Other interesting things about me: I'm 5'00", I ride a 'motorbike' (moped) whose name is Bertie (the bike) and who doesn't like driving above 30 miles an hour, I own a television to play ps3 games but I don't watch television, I'm a bit of a flake but generally a nice person, I feel absolutely awful if I upset or offend anybody and I love to listen to and engage with people. My job is pretty boring, but it does for now, and my family live an amicable 300 miles away. The worst thing about me is probably my laziness. I could write books about it if I weren't so, well, idle.

While I don't own a TV, I love to watch TV shows. My favourite at the moment is Castle, but I also like(d) House, Doctor Who and Charmed.

I've probably rambled enough now. That's another thing I do a lot, I waffle.

I'd love to hear from you! Bye for now.

Relax! You aren't dead yet.

Hi guys, I'm Zia. My friends describe me as a twenty-something year old goofball. I'm not afraid to get dirty and I'm always laughing -- usually at myself. I live in southern Japan but am counting the days until I can move up north! I have a lot of hobbies ranging from reading a good book over some tea to dancing at the club with my girls. Recently, fitness is something I'm very interested in. I'm currently on a weight loss journey and try to live as active as possible so that I don't have to give up my sweets so meeting people on the same journey would be nice! I'd also love to be friends with people who: Enjoy Doctor Who, Understand sarcasm, Love pictures, Are social, Enjoy Japanese culture, Dance, Asian Dramas....

Basically, I can be friends with people who enjoy life. If you're making every moment count, I'm in to you. Let's hang. My blog and profile are open, so feel free to take a look for more information =)

Beach fun