October 5th, 2013


Hi everyone!

I've posted here before but I'm looking to "meet" new people and such so I thought I'd post here again! :)

I am extremely bad at introductions so if there is anything in specific that you'd like to know about me, then please don't be hesitant to ask!
My name is Tay, I turned 19 in June and I currently live in Ontario, Canada (though I would really like to move out to British Columbia). If I could describe myself in 5 keywords, it would be ambitious, curious, empathetic, intelligent and sarcastic. I am studying social work and I do a lot of work in regards to addictions, mental health and youth; I have my own experiences in regards to the work I do and though I haven't flat out mentioned it in my entries, I'm progressing towards becoming more open. Speaking of my journal entries, they're really all over the place but I tend to talk a lot about college as that is my main focus right now...however I don't post everyday but whenever I get the chance to come on LJ, I like to see how everyone is doing and engage in conversation and such :)

Again, like I said...I suck at giving introductions so if you need to know something specific...ask away :)
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