October 6th, 2013

Looking for some friends

Hello, I'm Nikita! I am looking for some friends who won't fault me if I don't post everyday but who will still give me feedback and be willing to talk to me. Now lets get to know me. I am also pretty new to posting so I don't have a lot of posts right now.

The Basics
I am a wife and mother first and foremost. I have two beautiful kids and I will talk about them a lot. I recently hit rock bottom in my life and I am just trying to make it a day at a time. I can't always promise to be positive when it comes to posting but I also will try to not overwhelm my journal with sad and depressing posts. I am an avid reader. I love books and love that I can use them as an escape from the day to day blues. I am a stay at home mom and enjoy every moment I get to spend with my precious kids. I don't really know who I am as a person but I do know who I want to become and I want to surround myself with positive people who will support me and not be a negative influence in my life. I have taken a negative route and I have been given a second chance and I don't ever want to take it for granted. I think that this is a pretty decent sample of who I am. Feel free to ask me questions. Please let me know that you are adding me by commenting here, so I know where you found me from :)

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Over time our friends lists evolve... some people disappear, new ones arrive... My list has been a little quiet of late, so I thought I'd give this a shot.

I tend to look for magic and enchantment in everyday situations. I am a simple kind of guy. My head is in the clouds, but my feet are on the ground. 'Success' does not impress me. Money does not impress me. Kindness does. Wonderful landscapes do. Music moves me.

  • My emotions are intense. In other words, I feel too much, I care too much.   This is a good thing in my eyes.

  • I am fascinated by people, human emotions and the mind. I like to get into people's heads, find out what makes them tick. I love getting different takes and opinions on a variety of subjects. I am often told I should have studied psychology and this is probably true.

  • I like to know where I stand.

  • I am curious, constantly. I want to know how you're feeling, why, and what makes you the way you are.

  • I want to know why things are they way they are.  People, politics, life.

  • I have a random memory.

  • I love music. I watch a lot of movies.

  • I hate being frustrated or undecided.

  • I hate mind games. I like it when people are straight up with me.

  • I am not a patient person, but I'm working on it.

  • I am now, and pretty much will always be, a work in progress.

  • I generally enjoy change.

  • I am loyal to the core. If you trust me with a secret, it will be kept. I don't feel the need to share people's business.

  • I like to get what I give - as in, if I put a lot of effort and time into a friendship or relationship, I like to receive the same level of intensity. Being standoffish if I'm trying to communicate with you is a sure-fire way to lose my interest.

  • I wear my heart on my sleeve - sometimes way too much. But I am incapable of hiding what I'm feeling and "playing it cool". There are a lot of things in my DNA but being duplicitious is not one of them.

  • I sometimes find myself knowing I should be guarded, and failing anyway. But then, I've been let down a lot, same as anyone else.

  • I have admired those in education ever since I was a little boy.  My favourite person outside my family as I was growing up was my grade 1 teacher.

  • I am a bit of a jack of all trades.  A nerd, jock, left-brained person, right-brained person, shy at times, super loud at others... all rolled into one.  A bit of an enigma in some ways, but perhaps I'm just really bad at describing my personality.

Take the time to know me, and I'll take the time to know you. The friends I've already made, I cherish and love. Those people who are 'fair weather friends' who drop friends as often as they change socks and don't make the effort, feel free to skip this entry.

If that has sparked your interest, drop me a line.

It can't rain all the time.'
- Eric Draven, The Crow

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
- Gautama Buddha
girl ≡ laying with cat

(no subject)

My name's Rachel but everyone calls me Rach! I'm 28 years old and from New South Wales, Australia. I've been with my boyfriend for two and a half years and will hopefully marry him one day. I have two gorgeous girls from my previous relationship (8 and almost 6) and now have a handsome little man who is 18 months old. My journal entries are about my day-to-day life, my children, my boyfriend, random thoughts, my weight loss journey, my furbabies (two cats), occasional rants, memes, pictures, future plans and whatever else I feel like writing about.

Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, fishing, cats, zombies and skulls, yoga, reading, working out, One Tree Hill, piercings, tattoos, Sons of Anarchy, animals, shopping, listening to music, watching dvds, Bones, road trips, summer, The Walking Dead, my family and friends, getting my hair done, Disney movies, weekends, the colours pink and purple, The Big Bang Theory, taking pictures, the ocean and you can check out my profile for more.

If you think we would get along and would like to be friends, leave me a comment here or at my journal. I'm always up to making new friends! Just don't add me if you have no intention of ever talking to me, I'm looking for real friendships!

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An Introduction

Hi! My name is Kristen. I'm 21 years old, currently a college senior in New Jersey. I study art history, anthropology, and historic preservation. I'm training to work at a museum or historic site. I love art, architecture, history (oops, too obvious?), scrapbooking, travel, and anything that gets my creative juices flowing. Then there's the more obvious music (Tegan & Sara, Foals, CHVRCHES), movies (Pride & Prejudice, The Hobbit, Django Unchained), television (Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy, Sherlock), and books (Harry Potter, Jane Austen, The Alchemist).

I like people, and learning about people. I'm a longtime LJ user returning with a brand new account and looking for some brand new people. I will read every day. I will comment every day. I like the sense of community I get here with a perfectly aligned friends page.

I post about my life. And right now, my life is: school, work, friends, fandoms, anxiety, and a whole host of other tidbits. I'm in the thick of applying to graduate school. I'm truly living on my own for the very first time. Sometimes I stay up until 5am and watch Netflix and have an existential crisis. I am a stubborn, flawed, beautiful work in progress. My life is up and down and everything in between and I'd love to find some interesting, fun, honest people to join me for the ride.

Please comment to let me know if I've been added!

good day!

Hello! I am a 22 year old female. I've been on livejournal for many many years but I wanted to start a journal focused on my erotic stories. with that being said my journal is 18+.

So here is a little bit about me: As I said before I have been on live journal for many years. I am 22 female single by choice. I work full time as a bartender at a local bar. I love people and I love all my friends very much im a total social butterfly. I am an artist I enjoy to paint still life and portraits. I went to school for psychology but did not finish. I have a cat and two dogs. I don't enjoy watching tv so I have no shows that i'm into. I do enjoy watching movies though! I love to write I don't just write erotica. I may or may not post my other types of writing it really depends on how this goes and the type of people that add me. I am a very open minded person. I used to be addicted to drugs but have been clean for many years and have come a long way from who I used to be and this im proud of. I love science and plan to go back to school for biology. My favorite foods are Italian food and Mexican food. I also love to read. I am really girly im pretty obsessed with my hair and will most likely post many selfies of myself.

I hope to add some open minded people that can give feedback and ideas. I want open minded people that don't judge me or other commenters. I, myself, comment when I have something to say but I do read every one of my friends entries daily.

Sorry this was short and sweet but I am horrible at intro's but I welcome you to ask any questions about me that you may desire. Also please comment to be added!