October 12th, 2013

Darth Art

Oh, Hello

My name is Janean. I'm in my late twenties, married, and living a pretty simple life in Florida.

I've been blogging on LJ and LJ like sites off and on for about twelve years. I stopped updating my last journal about three years ago and am ready to get back into it.

More about me though:
-- My husband and I do not have any kids. We'd like to have them sooner than later but the time hasn't come yet. Until that time comes, I'll be rocking the auntie role.
-- I work full time at an inbound call center. I don't like my job that much but it does it what it's supposed to do (pay bills, keep me from being homeless, keeps food in the fridge, all that good stuff).
-- I'm kind of geeky but not really. I appreciate people who play card games and role playing games but have never actually gotten into them myself.
-- I don't watch much TV. This season has put out a lot of fantastic sounding shows that I want to get into but I'm not sure if I ever will.
-- I love to laugh. There will probably be times where I post that all I want to hear is a good joke.

Like I said before, my life in and of itself is simple. I'm not entirely sure of where my journal is going to go but I'm really excited to find out and hopefully it won't be anything terribly mundane. I'm not particularly picky about friends. I'd prefer you be an adult, have a basic grasp of proper spelling and grammar, and tolerant.

Making the Rounds

Hello! I've had this journal since 2008 so I'm not going anywhere, but new friends are always nice.

I'm Kristy.  I'm 35 and from lovely Alabama where it can't decide if its Autumn or still Summer.  I'm a Pagan and feel that my sexual preference holds no particular relevance here as this isn't a personals ad.

Here's what's going on in my life at the moment:

I just started an etsy shop. I also write freelance on occasion. Currently I'm pondering whether to attempt NaNoWriMo this year with all I have going on. I have two sons: a fourteen year old with Asperger's Syndrome (who is currently waaay into anime) and a three year old who is convinced he rules the world.  I've been with the same guy since I was 18. We'll have been married for 18 years next May.  My Father passed away this past March.  We are staying with my Mother while she gets used to Dad being gone and to help her out.  We also are saving up money for our move in the future, but who knows when we'll get the chance to do that?  *Shrugs*  My siblings get on my nerves to no end.  It doesn't always pay to be the youngest of five children, let me tell you.

I talk about my kids sometimes.  There are pictures of my family and craft projects on my journal.  I don't watch TV much, so you won't see much of that. I babble about gaming sometimes.  I try to keep positive but my journal is not all rainbows and sunbeams, trust me.

Some of my interests are: Firefly (I don't post about it much but you'll see I'm a huge Kaylee Frye fan), MST3K, Editing gaming videos, World of Warcraft, Gaming, Writing, Walking, Trying to get back into Yoga,  Singing when no one's around, The smell of a new actual real paper book, Sewing, Knitting, Coffee, Smells and sights of Fall, Pumpkins! - for more interests you can see my profile

I prefer my friends to be 18+, open minded and have a decent grasp of grammar/spelling so I can understand you.  I don't care what your views are on religion, politics, whether the sky is really blue or not.

I don't mind my LJ friends adding me on FB, twitter, messengers and the like.  I like chitchatting with people but I am a bit shy right to begin with just so you know!

So whatcha say?  Add me?   (This got longer than intended...but my entries are generally fairly short and easily consumable.)