October 16th, 2013


I've been on Live Journal forever, but I decided to make a new journal for a new phase in my life.
My name is Jas, i'm in my thirties and am married.
We have no kids yet, but we both want them. When it happens, it'll happen.
Currently we have a goldfish-child named Castiel.

I don't have television (by choice).
Favorite shows are Supernatural, Star Trek, Mythbusters and Family Guy.
There is a Wii system in the living room, but its rarely played.
Mariokart is about as violent as I care to get.

I fancy myself a novelist, but I haven't written anything in a little while.
I've got tons of ideas running through my head though and always keep a notebook handy.
There is a ton of my Supernatural fan fiction sitting in the close, and I am a believer in staying close to canon.

My sense of humor is very dry and sarcastic and sometimes my jokes go over peoples heads. I dislike crowds, loud and smelly people and inbred idiots which is kind of ironical, seeming how I work in a superstore.

I probably wont post every day, nor will I be likely to comment on every single post of yours. I don't have many requirements to be friends, just an open mind, preferably over the age of 21 and someone who isn't easily offended.