October 22nd, 2013

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Hi there,

I've visited this community before and made some wonderful friends. My journal is equal parts real life and fandom but at the moment, it seems the fandom side of my friends page is a bit quiet, (read: nonexistant) so I'd love someone to squee with. My main fandoms in question are Merlin, MCU, Avatar: the last airbender and an obscure australian author by the name of Matthew Reilly; and the old staples of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, both of which I grew up on. I write a bit of fic and love a good meta discussion. I am primarily a slash and femslash person but not over the top, I promise. If you post anything even vaguely Matthew Reilly related at all, I'd love to hear from you since it's such a small fandom.

In terms of real life posts, I'm an egyptology student, lesbian/bisexual/somewhere in the middle I'm still working on that..., politically inept but I guess pretty liberal and christian (trust me, the two are possible and I'm more than happy to chat to people about that as long as the discussion stays respectful on both sides). I also have a chronic illness called Pernicious Anaemia and am a rugby union tragic. All these things are likely to come up in my journal as well.

I'm really looking for fandom friends here but obviously, if you think we could have a great connection, I'm certainly not going to say no! I'm friendly, promise :)


I'm looking for some more friends. I've got some cool ones, but I would like to get to know other ppl, too.

I mostly talk about my life, stuff I don't want took talk to my non online friends, they've got stuff of their own to deal with.

I have two chronic diseases, one of which is mental, so if you can't handle depressive posts now and then don't add me.

Love scifi, books, knitting, crafting, and other things I can't think of right now.

I try not to curse, only rarely does sexuality come up in my journal, and generally only when I'm talking about my gender fluidity.

I like to comment on others posts, I would like friends who do the same. Even if it's just a two liner. Recognition of ones feelings is important, I think.

I totally want to get some recommendations on shows/books/anything that will be interesting!

Add me, I will add though back!

Evening, j0!

Hello. Call me M. :) I know it's a bit Men in Black Agent style, but, hey, it makes it easier to pretend that I'm just that awesome, yeah? Yeah. Let's go with that. I am a Law School student, a bit young for the vocation, as I'm constantly reminded. I spend most of my days attached to some book or other, usually of the variety that I wouldn't read willingly if I was given the choice. Heh. I do like reading, though. I like classical literature. When I find the time, I also like writing, drawing, taking pictures, and other stuff that I cannot think of right now because I am so horrifically horrible at introductions that I had to open with a nerdy comment about Men In Black.


Hi. I'm M. Did I mention that?

Did I also mention that my attention span is about as short as a squirrel's...on speed? Until I get to video games or anime. I can pay attention to those for the longest time. A bit zoned out, maybe, but they help remind me that I do, in fact, have an attention span. No matter how short.

Ah, but now I'm rambling. :P

Let's just be friends, yeah? And let me put myself out of my misery.

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