October 23rd, 2013

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Hi! I'm Heather and I'm 24. I'm looking for new friends that update LJ on a regular basis, since my friend's page doesn't really move too often. My entries are mostly real life ramblings about my life but I sometimes post pictures as well.

As for things I like: I'm extremely into anime and k-pop! My non-Asian interests are pretty limited but I'm somewhat into BBC Sherlock, Skins, and Hannibal. My favorite boybands are probably NU'EST, Big Bang, EXO, B.A.P, and VIXX. I watch anime as it airs so I love a ton of different series at any time. I also spam tumblr a lot and I'm always looking for more blogs to follow on there.

Even if we don't have any common interests, feel free to add me since my entries aren't really fandom related. :)

This feels like an interview.

Well, for starters today is my birthday. I'm 23. My name is Alissa and I live in Iowa.

Mostly I'm a student. Someday I'll graduate. I hope. I'm studying criminology and I am currently employed at a police department as a community service officer which is a fancy term for paid intern. I work all kinds of different shifts: nights, weekends, holidays and the apocalypse that comes around once a year when my college town has homecoming. I have five younger siblings. Oh, and I love coffee. Love it is probably an understatement. And also baseball and music. I write about life, philosophy and some cop stuff as well. I'm going to start transitioning more into the law enforcement stuff because I'm getting closer to the applying nightmare and I want to record it all. It all really just depends on the day. I'm looking for more friends because it's easy to get bored at work when it gets slow and I enjoy reading about all of your interesting lives!