October 26th, 2013

  • exnxtxp

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Waddap. Waddap. Waddap!!!

Let's go ahead and start with a proper introduction. My name is Soul. I'm not a alcoholic but I am an addict when it comes to reading, writing, and looking for someone interesting enough to exchange proper ideas.
I like to socialize whether it is on or offline, although I enjoy the online world better. Why? Because I enjoy knowing people for what they are about in that noggin up there than what they are like in appearance. It feels more personal when you learn about each other through the literature. I am all about literature.

Something About Me:
- I just moved to Seattle a year ago from good ol' Philly. Life has been crazy hectic but I love it.
- I have 3 Siamese cats and a German Shepherd. Yes. I love animals.
- I am married to Mr. Nobody. That will be his name from now on.
- Nature is my element. I am an outdoorsy type of gal.
- I have two cars that I do not drive. My husband made me get them in hopes that one day, I will be his designated driver but jokes on him... I hate driving.
- I am an Aries
- I like Psychology
- I work
- I am humorous
- I screen shot things to black mail my friends into doing my dishes.

Ok, I think you get the picture. Again, hello!