October 27th, 2013


New and looking for friends

My name is Katrina, a Pisces who loves being online as much as I can be, hanging out with family and friends, listening to music and horror movies. In all honesty, I basically listen to everything and make friends quickly once they get to know me.

I do not judge people and accept people no matter race, sex preference, or likes and dislikes. I am a supporter of LGBT rights even though I am straight myself. I adore making new friends, so do not hesitate to add me anytime. I do not bite (unless you ask me to).

I was in a abusive relationship, but thanks to kinkymelissa76 I got out of that mess along with my own free will to leave him.

Hope you decide to friend me and read my entries and maybe even become close friends.

My Interest are...
80's hair bands, 80's music, 90's music, all kinds of music, animals, big brother, black panthers, bon jovi, breakfast club, chad michael murray, chippendale dancers, chippendales, cinnamon, computer, dean winchester, dreamcatchers, erotica, family, family guy, friends, gag reels, graphics, hearts, holidays, horror movies, icons, indian memorabilia, internet, jensen ackles, jokes, jon bon jovi, journal, kindle, law & order: svu, layouts, listening to music, live journal, livejournal, lj, love, making new friends, male celebrities, movies, music, music videos, nature, pc games, quizzes, quotes, randy orton, rko, romance, roses, saturday night live, sex, smartphone, snl, south park, spn, stuff animals, supernatural, supernatural gag reels, surveys, the outsiders, tv shows, userpics, vampire erotica, vampire movies, vampires, watching tv, wolves, wwe, wwe superstars, wwf, youtube, zzzz and much more

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Hello there. Join me in my decent into a cat induced stupor.

I made tenstraycats as a blog dedicated to animal nutrition, health, and welfare.

I hail from Southwest USA and i've been in the animal industry - in many different fields and positions - for years.
I'm a rescuer, a foster parent, a feral colony keeper, and a passionate vegetarian.
I've worked at a Zoological facility, animal rescues, an animal hospital, and now I work at an all-natural pet food company where I am the "cat nutrition specialist".
At this moment in time (that is, October 27th, 2013) I have four cats, four dogs, a bird, a ferret, and four rescue kitties. In my home. And some ferals outside, too..

Animals are my everything. My life revolves around them and they are my existence.

My journal is mostly comprised of pet food and pet product reviews / descriptions, articles about pet nutrition, pictures of my own personal pets..
And anything that is nonsensically cat related.

A lot of what is in my blog are "opinion pieces". I'll talk about my experience with animals and pet nutrition, a lot. So there's always a chance that there will be some conflict. However, if you have pets or are a pet lover and like to talk with likeminded people, then please feel free to add me. Or if you just like pictures of cats, because i'm down for that too.

I know people like connecting a name to a face, so here's some of that along with some other goodness that will occur.
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Please, feel free to add me. Comment here or send me a PM and i'll be sure to add back.