October 28th, 2013

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My name is Stacey, I'm 25 and seven months pregnant with my first baby. My boyfriend is in the navy and luckily I won't have to go back to work for a while. That gives me more time to revamp my abandoned journal. Also, I look forward to documenting my experiences as a new mom, and of course venting any frustrations.

I have been away for awhile and I need a new, fresh friendslist. I am simply looking for journals that are interesting to read. I will give just about anyone a chance and see how it goes. I like to comment as much as I enjoy recieving them. You will have to be active and friendly.

My general interests include music, concerts, drinking wine (don't worry, I haven't drank in the past seven months), my pets, being crafty, watching tv shows on netflix, playing darts, playing card and board games, and playing video games.

So, what say you?


i've been a little quiet on the LJ end because this year has not been exactly ideal for me. not that my life has been 'hectic' or 'busy' like some of you here, it's just that nothing really has been happening. but i would like to get back into it and maybe make some friends along the way.

a little about me;
i'm 24, and i have lived in a few different countries over the past 10 years. i spent the last 5 years in america studying finance and economics. i'm in Singapore now where i have been working and studying information systems part time for the last 6 months. i travel a lot and i like seeing new things. most of my writing happens when i am sitting on long train rides, floors of the airport and sometimes in buses to nowhere.

i've had my LJ since i was 14. so if you go way back, you can see a lot of crap i wrote as a teenager. most of what i write is really random. it's okay if you don't understand who i'm talking about because it's hard to keep track of all the people in my life even for me. in short, i've got ADD. i get infatuated with someone and then i lose interest and move on to the next person. most of it ends up being some sort of philosophical ranting in which i'm not really sure what is the meaning of life/love/relationships.

my interests include reading, writing, science, films, political science, philosophy, travel and music.

i have friends in real life but i have a different relationship with them. i can never really share my true emotions with them because i'm afraid they'll think i'm a psychopath. which i'm not. but i am bipolar. personality disorders are the best (jk).

i know this is a rather vague introduction but, i'm a little awkward and i'm never really sure what to say. so add me, maybe?

/here's a picture of me.