November 3rd, 2013

Be different

Thankfully, I only do this once every two years

and it's very unlikely that my recurring 'Desperate-For-Friends' posts are being read by the same people! Or is it? If you've already been exposed to my being, I do apologise. Try to contain your excitement and don't spoil it for everyone else..

Onto the stuff that, presumably, interests you, lot. I'm 26 years old (did I mention how posting on this community obliged you to reflect on the speed with which your age changed? As in, you blink and you're a year older?), female, nicknamed Sisi or CeCe, unemployed, sort of living in London. Before you turn green with envy, I warn you I've been a student all along and life, even in an amazing city like London, can be painfully boring when you're a student without a stable job. Currently, I'm back in my home country for a long overdue catch-up with family and friends. It's been wonderful, but returning to LJ in these circumstances is inevitable. So, here I am.

Other than those humble stats, my interests are varied and constantly shifting. Being inconsistent is one of my best worst personality traits. Granted, some have survived the test of time, but many have died out as quickly as they have grabbed my attention. I really enjoy reading fiction. I've set myself a task to read at least one book in Bulgarian whilst here, because my ability to do so effortlessly has dimished. Worrisome. I'm a sucker for good music and, yes, this means I mostly listen to older stuff. Without preaching, if you're a fan of Rihanna & Co, please don't add me. Or you'll probably have to endure my witching about talentless people in the music industry. I've discovered exercising / nutrition and I'm quite invested in it. It's simple running in the park and / or hopping on my bike at the minute, but ideally, I'd love to take up (kick) boxing or Aikido. It would be weird, if I weren't big on international affairs and the like given I've wrapped up my MA degree in International Relations. You'll come across political posts on my blog every once in a while, yet I'm largely dedicating LJ to other, less serious matters.

Speaking of less serious matters, you can also expect daily rants, book reviews, home decor (mhm, no need to reread; I'm into home decoration and I'm in my late twenties), art-related musings and not many photos. Don't get me wrong. I like seeing other people's pictures, but I can't praise myself on my photographic skills. I'm not horrible, but I'm not news-worthy either. I might be posting more about fashion and lifestyle, not because I'm some clothes freak (far from it) and / or think I'm qualified to guide people into healthy lifestyles, but because I'm experimenting with the prior and, as already pointed out, have been rather fond of the latter.

Now, it's a pity I have to even put this black on white but if you're homophobic, racist or exhibit any other manifestations of intolerance and ignorance, I'd appreciate it if you moved on. Also, and I'd like to emphasise this, I'm not into this whole fandom trend. If it floats your boat, you should totally do it, but I don't want to see it in my Friends Feed. It's a deal breaker for me, sorry. Keep in mind, I'm not religious and I highly doubt I'll ever turn religious. If you are, that's fine as long as not all of your posts are on the topic; I can be vocal about certain aspects of religion, hence if you're easily offended you might want to reconsider adding me. I'm child-free as of now, but I don't have anything against babies, or baby-related posts, again provided we don't go into great details about nappy contents...

I have no idea how long this introduction will be, but for your sake, I'll conclude it here. If you reckon we'll get along, drop me a line in the Comments section below, and we'll take it from there.
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Hi! My name is Bri and I just turned 29. I'm a mama to an 11-year-old girl, Miss M, happily married for 3.5 years to D. My husband adopted my (our) daughter last year. We're pretty much like any other family, but I've had my share of struggles to get to what I feel is my happy ending, and I'd be a big fat liar if I said I was over some of the things I've been through. I'm a Christian - but to me that means admitting that I'm not perfect, I have my faults and have made many mistakes. I just try to work towards being a better person each and every day and being a kind and accepting person. Oh, and I live in the in North Carolina, USA.

Motherhood, Marriage, Skin Care, my doggies, Crafts, Photography, Scrapbooking, Cooking, Baking, Healthy Living, Organization, All things domestic and crafty!

racism, ignorance, dishonesty, cheating, stealing, disrespectful people, etc.

Mice. Birds. Spiders. Tater tots. Failure.

My brand spankin' new business (handmade bath/body products), work/stress (for my parents' family business), my kiddo, parenting, relationship stuff, depression/anxiety/PTSD, and probably more recently my health issues/infertility. In a nutshell: the ups and downs of my crazy, chaotic, but mostly amazing everyday life, and anything and everything I wouldn't feel comfortable telling anyone else!

I really would love some friends who are active on LJ, comment when they can, show support, give opinions/advice, etc. Add me and I'll certainly do the same! :)