November 5th, 2013


Looking for a few good friends

Hello everyone! I love my friends list right now and they are all great, I'm just looking for a few new friends to keep life interesting. A couple ljers left their journals or deleted them so I have some room for a couple new lj friends.

About me: My name is Lindsay, call me Lin or Lindz. 28 years old. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and now living in Tokyo, Japan.

My journal is basically whatever is on my mind. I post lots of pictures and I do a daily style shot most days. I talk about my boyfriend who is Japanese and cultural things. About work, I teach children ages 1-7. I like to travel and love all things cute lol

My boyfriend and I do bodybuilding at home so I post about dieting a lot too.

I love photography, travel, shopping, reading, movies, tv, DIY crafts, music and much more. I'm really easy going.

So I hope I can find a few new friends! Just comment here or on my journal on the friends post and I'll add you!

Here is a pic of me...

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