November 12th, 2013

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i may not post everyday or 500 times a day. but i do post. my lj is just about my everyday thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Boring, exciting, mushy, dramatic, sad, etc. Real shit. Oh and some profanity. i will not keep you as a friend if you post only poetry or a ton of entries in a day. as i am not always on and it takes forever to catch up! i want friends that are a lot like myself. all ages is fine. i want to hear about your daily life. with that being said...add me if you feel you fit this description and are ok with my expectations :)

daily photos, occasional words

Time to see who is out there as it's been a few months since I've posted here. I'm cutting and pasting this from the last time I posted, but in general my name is Josh, I'm a photographer and have had this journal forever. Mostly I post just photos, and I'm fine if that's the primary reason why you're adding me. However I am more than just photos, and do post some text on occasion as well.

Notes on me:
- I have had this journal since 2000. Over 5000 entries and still going. I typically post once a day.
- I post mostly photos, most are 1000px wide and I only put multiples behind a cut, so if you are bandwidth deprived you might not be into me
- liberal (not hippie level liberal, but pretty open minded to most things)
- non-religious
- honest, emotional
- fairly geekish... I like 80s action movies and things from my childhood
- love to talk camera gear and gadgets, often post about my latest acquisitions
- usually get along better with girls or gay men, but if you're not an overly macho hetero guy we can give it a shot
- living in San Diego where I am originally from, I've also lived in Chicago, Raleigh (hated it), Seattle, and Portland (REALLY hated it)

What I am really not looking for:
- People who are suffering from severe depression, are suicidal, self harm, addiction, or self destructive behavior who are not actively seeking change. I have been close with some people that fit that criteria but who were not trying to change, and it’s really drained me. You don't have to be happy every second, but I'm trying to read more positivity.

Things that I'm not down with:
- racists, homophobes, that sort of thing... although I've yet to run across it on Livejournal I'll throw it out there
- people who post incessantly about babies or dogs
- adult babytalk (if your entries are like reading Twitter posts)
- complete secrecy... i.e. I'd like to know your name, maybe what you look like, what you're all about, if the idea of getting to know someone online creeps you out and your journal is just a codename and an alterego than no
- lurkers, I have had a ton of them... I don't need a comment everyday but I'm looking for more interaction
- people that are super down (I'm not always the happiest guy on the block, but people who talk about killing themselves or are all sorts of miserable just bring me down)

I look like this:
how did we get in 16:9?