November 14th, 2013

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Here I go...

I haven't done an add me post in ages. I would imagine I'm like most people. Life got super crazy and there just wasn't time to mess with a LJ. I found myself missing it however, so here I am. Unfortunately, most of my friends have also gone inactive which makes my friends page rather boring to read.

So let's see...

About Me:
I'm a 28 y/o female living in Colorado with my husband, dog, and two cats. I'm pretty much always messing around on my computer or my XBOX 360. I like to make graphics and *cough*play really lame facebook games*cough*. I enjoy FPS games mainly because it's legal to kill people in them. A true aggression reliever. I've mainly stayed loyal to the Halo franchise because I enjoy the storyline and well, it brought me my husband. (Yes, I met my husband playing a video game. Shooting him in game has proven to be a really great way to get over arguments.) I listen to all kinds of music and enjoy most genres of movies. Politics and religion have never been my thing. I'm not looking to debate my beliefs with someone. I try to be open minded about things and I'm generally accepting of most people (unless, of course, you're a jerk.) I would consider myself easy to get along with.

I'm currently living with a medical condition that makes working impossible for me. My journal will contain posts regarding the struggles my condition may cause. I try really hard not to dwell though. There will also be random thoughts, posts regarding my husband/family/friends/gaming group, and perhaps the occasional graphic. I have been known to indulge in run on sentences and over use ellipses (...).  I type the way I think. Apparently, my thought process does not contain proper sentence structure. I'm ok with this.

ETA: I forgot to include a picture. It's seems nice to talk to someone when you can picture them in your mind. So, here's a picture of me and the husband.
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What I'm Looking For:
I'm not looking for people with similar interests. People are different for a reason. I don't care if you don't comment on every single entry. Some input every now and then is cool but if you don't have anything to say, I don't expect you to force it. I'm also not promising I'll always comment on your entries. If I have something to contribute, I will. Basically, I'm looking for nice, interesting people to get to know.

If you wanna get to know me and allow me into your world, feel free to add me. A heads up that you're doing so via a comment here or on my journal would be good as I tend to be oblivious.

So exciting!

Hello, my name is Ashley aka Ash. Intros are hard for me so i will keep this short and sweet but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I am 22 and just now trying to figure out my life. I just switched jobs and am now working part time as a receptionist at a hair salon. Previously i was a bartender but i decided tending bars was not the life for me. I am single and enjoy the single life. I don't plan to ever get married or have children so instead i live alone with my two pit bulls whom i love dearly. I am just an average kid adult trying to make ends meet. As for interests i like chatting, music (most all kinds of music), walking, hiking, drinking, and writing. I got in with the wrong crowd for a while and experienced a lot of drugs but realized this was not the life for me either so now I am trying to rebuild my social life by join more groups and grow a larger more positive friend circle. I am thinking about joining classes for preforming arts. I have also decided i want to learn how to play the piano. I like to read and enjoy book suggestions of all sorts. I like going to clubs and bars but i'm putting other priorities first now and attempting to be a responsible adult. I like to think that i am a pretty funny person.

I write about my day to day life, my friends, my thoughts, my theories, what i want to do with myself, what i want to do but shouldn't do with myself. I also write erotic stories that i always put under a cut saying "NSFW" or something related to let you know. I write other short stories and poetry but i have not posted those to this journal but i may start doing that over time. I also sometimes post pictures of myself or things that i do.

I have met some amazing friends so far with this journal and i'm just looking for more great open minded people. I like reading about peoples lives and their troubles and i enjoy giving advice. I love comments but sadly i am horrible at commenting myself. I do read entries daily and comment when i have something to say. It would be nice to also meet people that write erotica if there is anyone else out there! I enjoy humor and sarcasm.

comment to be added please!

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ive done a few of these so i'm gonna try again. i did a hard cleanup up of friends list so its a bit dead.

I'm in my late 20s, live in Oregon. Single (gonna be a spinster, i am i am.) Five cats, two dogs-one is a puppy more in her puppy phase still so yay for that. Grocery store employee for 11 years and doing part-time at a dr's office on the side which i sort of hate sometimes. but i like having the money. (so, you can bet i rant a bunch about those) my life's slowed down a lot compared to my past so i think i'm super boring now, but i do get an adventure in there every now and then.

Music; I listen to a lot, actually and it's how i've made 90% of my friends. Most of my listening used to be primarily Japanese-based but fortunately, for various reasons i'm slowly falling out of those fandoms but still gonna keep a few around just for the sake of memories and whatever. I like Dir en Grey, AliceNine, The Killers, Bowie, All Time Low, Marianas Trench, almost anything from the 80s. I've even been known to headbang to some Norwegian metal (Kvelertak) and i'm fond of Nachtmahr and some other gothy darkwave techno, even that bassdrop stuff. I apparently like some country songs, too, and ive been on 8tracks listening to a bunch of instrumental stuff lately and been digging that. *cough that's lord of the rings inspired cough* and throw some Opera and classical in there while we're at it. If it can make me feel something then i dig it.

Likes: fashion and hair. Playstation, reading (just finished a Norse Mythology book and have a pile of JRR Tolkien stuff i need to get through including Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion), strawberry lemonade, zombies, vodka, snailmail/getting mail and/or packages, shopping, baking/cooking, going to concerts, organizing things and cleaning, overseas/traveling, various tv shows currently on air and not around anymore including Golden Girls, Ripper Street, Being Human (UK), Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Haunted Collector just for funsies. Oh and of course Walking Dead. I've more recently gotten Netflix so I like watching bad handycam films because i love those. more favorite movies consist of The Goonies, Legend, Jurassic Park and Silence of the Lambs. I also will watch almost any black and white film from the 30s/40s and be completely happy with that. Also adore Lee Pace and Tom Hiddleston. cuz yay. I also am starting to collect venetian masks again, and luckily (in a way..) they seem to be sort of popular now so its a bit easier to find them. I started my collection with three smaller masks i actually got in Venice and wanted to find friends for them <3

Dislikes, and the part where I sound like a jerk but hey i might as well say it so it can save people some time or whatever. :|v

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