November 15th, 2013


Hi everyone here!

I'm Jaco, 29, living in Ukraine, Sevastopol. The main goal of my new English blog is just a nice communication with English-speaking users, as I try to better my language - I'm an English and German tutor (mostly German now). It would be also good for me to know, how the life in other countries looks. Being an internet-addict and an introverted person sometimes leads to the lack of contacts, which can be easily smoothed out by blogging.
an illustration to my nick. in russian african greys are called jaco
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Some of my interests: English, German, blogging, photos of old abandoned buildings, reading scary stories, resident evil universe, some esoteric stuff, books, cooking, seeing dreams and writing about them (like to read about others people dreams too), feminism (more in psychological and esoteric sense), fitness, writing stories, photos of good interiors, birds and insects, science news and other curious information.

- Nice pics, such as parrots, cats, insects, interiors and other beautiful beings and things.
- Stories about my life and and life in Ukraine at all, with photos sometimes. So, if you are interested in Ukraine, Russia, hisory, mentality and local way of life - welcome!
- Nice videos with animals.
- Opinions about movies, books, sometimes food and cosmetics.
- Philisophical/ esoterical reflections.
- My personal opinions about differnent important problems, politics, future.
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This journal is not the first for me. My previous LJ in English was quite abandoned and was deleted by me after some bad trolls had found it. Hope, this blog will have better destiny.

Feel free to add me and be added!
Sailor Moon [Static]


Hi there!

So I took a hiatus from my online life a couple months back. Life happened, too much of it lol. But anyway I am back and ready to get back involved in elljay and to make some friends!

I'm Brandie, but you can call me Andie if you'd like. I'm 24, living in South Florida and working at a department store called Bealls! Retail, especially clothing, is my thang. I've a very creative person and I greatly enjoy making stuff (drawing, writing fiction, making jewelry, designy stuff -interior, graphic and web design- and various crafts. I can cook too!) I thriiiiive on creativity. All I know in that field, I taught myself. I don't really insert myself into any catagory or stereotype. I love fashion, video games, a few anime, music (I play the piano and sing) painting my nails, going places with my friends, nature walks/bike rides, photography, social networks (snapchat, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr etc), being creative and others. That probably falls under many stereotypes lol, but most importantly, I consider myself me. I don't strive to be anything other than that.

My journal will be about any of the hobbies or things mentioned above. I do enjoy my job so job ranting shouldn't be an issue. I have problems with negative thinking, which can stir up anger,sadness and other negative emotions so I will talk about that sometimes. If it were to get lengthy, I will put it behind cut to spare your friends page lol. I will also talk about languages, as they intrigue me greatly. (I'm learning spanish and italian! I also know a tad bit of japanese) While I try to keep a positive outlook on it, I'm kind of stuck in that forever alone, lonely dog lady rut. I'm still hurting over my last relationship ending under the circumstances it did, so I suppose it's normal to feel like that for a while. (Please keep in mind that I may talk about this some in my posts). I love to take photos (hence my love for instagram and snapchat) so my post will also contain some annnnd some will just be me rambling about pointless stuff at 1am.

So to wrap this up and send it fedex, please keep in mind that I am working on my Christian walk. I may talk about it sometimes. However, I WILL NOT force it upon you or preach to you. I'm not that type of person. I respect other's religious beliefs. Lastly, I like to communicate with my friends list and make friends. I see my F-list as a group of friends. While I will be active here, I'm also happy to share my other online accounts. I have quite a few social network apps on my tablet that I use very often so it is indeed a joy of mine to hear from and talk to others :D

Oh yeah, while I don't expect a novel from ya, but please let me know what you'd like me to call you and some common hobbies/interests :D