November 17th, 2013

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let's be friends!

Hello! My name is Katya, i'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg and i love photography and travel. I write in Russian, but you can see many photographs that a taked :)
Glad to see you in my lj!

Sunset Palms


Hello all, My name is Amie and I’ve been an LJ user since 2004. I have my very active moments and then at times I take a hiatus (usually when life gets hectic). As I’ve come back in the last two months, I’m noticing I have very few on my f-list that are still active. And those that are still active I really don’t have much in common with. I’d really like to find some new friends that have things in common with me and I can interact with and become actual friends and not just another number on my f-list.

I live in Central Florida. In my thirties but have major peter pan syndrome so basically I am 16-22 most the time lol. I like going to theme parks, concerts, and now spending time in my new house (new homeowner). I’m single at the moment. No kids, just my puppy Abbey who I spoil to the extreme. I work from home which is awesome. I rarely post about life drama, mainly because I use LJ to escape from it.

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If you think we’d make good friends don’t hesitate to comment and add me! :-)
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Hi :)

I'm Nicole.

I'm a competitive sailor, teacher, entrepreneur, musician, yogini, Jew, girl.

24. Living in SoFla.

Looking for friendly folk to share life experiences, ponderings, bursts of creative thought, and the occasional whine with.

Single, living alone, well except for a cat, but getting out as often as possible.

NY born, Jersey bred.

Holla at me ya'll
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