November 22nd, 2013

Hello fellow journalers

Let's get the basics out of the way, I'm 31 although mentally I think I'm about 23, from Yorkshire UK, I'm married (3 years yesterday) I have a little puppy and a cat, and I work primarily in property development and management. I've had this journal for about 5 years but been on here for maybe a decade. I post a few times a week, sometimes more and sometimes less and I'm a mix of liberal atheist conservative.

So if you're still reading, something up above must have appealed or at least not scared you away so I'll divulge a little more :) I was once described as a dichotomy and I think it's fairly accurate, my tastes can be one extreme or the other from mulberry handbags to doc Martin boots (often worn together) I like stylish cars and luxury bedding but make my own clothes and tightly budget the weekly shop, I'm anxious and insecure but outspoken and sarcastic, and I'm a lazy control freak to name but a few examples.

I generally post about day to day stuff, i try to keep my writing interesting but sometimes there's no way to liven up "today I cleaned a flat after a tenant moved out and took the dog for a walk", unless the dog miraculously climbed into the park swing and yelled push! Or I found a vibrator super glued to a loo seat. Hasn't happened yet but here's hoping! On seconds thoughts, maybe not the loo sit sex toy scenario.

I'm looking for primarily UK based folk but if you think we have a lot in common or we'd get on feel free to add me regardless of location.

Because people seem to do this a lot in add me posts-

Doctor who, breaking bad, sons of anarchy, corsets, vintage style, tattoos, dying my hair every colour under the sun, healthy challenging debate, interior design, making clothes, breaking Benjamin, vanilla vodka and apple juice, Ben Howard, pendulum, Imogen heap, Lush and trying new hair and make up styles.

Fake niceties, pop music (for the most part) people who don't think before they speak, biscuits, fan fiction, hot weather, whiskey, chavs or inexplicably arrogant people.

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