November 25th, 2013


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I am back and forth with lj. Just came back, hoping to stay this time.

I'm 26 from Michigan. I guess I have that "boring life" because I'm a married mommy. I've been with my husband for 10 years. I've struggled with weight my entire life. I'm working on it and am now a coach for Team Beachbody. Yes, I will talk about bb related things in my journal but I won't be trying to sell things. I'm a licensed cosmetologist but I don't currently do hair because I hate the salon atmosphere. I work part time at my mom's flower shop.

Here's a random list of things I enjoy and you may find me talk about in my journal:

The husband
The child
-Social Distortion, Bob Seger, Bouncing Souls...
Working out
The Walking Dead
Tattoos and piercings

I don't know...what more do you need from me?

And because God forbid I don't include a picture for you to decide if you want to be my friend..
°you are only coming through in waves

hello again.

I posted in here a few months back and I enjoy a lot of the people I've met, right now i'm just looking for some more journals to read. my name is Dania, girl, mid-twenties, an exact description of a Gemini, living in Seattle with my best friend, etc etc. my religious and political views are all over the place (meaning I'm unsure about a lot of things), but I don't update about them, and I don't care what yours are as long as you're open minded.

I really like travelling. Although outside of North America I've only been to Europe, I'm also interested in going through the Middle East and Asia. Actually I'm pretty much interested in going everywhere. if I were to live in any country outside of my own it would definitely be one of the Scandinavian ones, probably Sweden.

I'm not sure if it comes from the travelling or what, but I'm also obsessed with linguistics and languages. I speak some German and a tiny bit of Swedish, and I'm interested in improving in both as well as learning Russian.

I am a music junkie. I love EVERYTHING, but especially Depeche Mode, Placebo, Bowie, The Smiths, New Order, Adam Lambert, The Cure, Marina & the Diamonds, Tori Amos, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, other grunge, industrial, synthpop, and a huge gross list of folk, viking and symphonic metal. and also pop music.

other interests include horror films (slasher and zombie flicks mostly), fantasy novels (think Tolkien), taking a lot of pictures of my animals and everything else, drinking too much wine, meeting new people, poorly playing guitar, and sleeping in ridiculous amounts.

I'm at that stage in my life where I'm trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing, but I'd like a career in the arts. I'm an idealist and a complete dreamer, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to get things done. I plan on moving states soon. I only update about once a week though I'm trying to do more, and I comment fairly regularly if I have something to say. I think I'm interesting, but who actually knows.