November 26th, 2013

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Accepting Applications for New Friends

Okay, there isn't really an application process.

I've recently changed journals and I have the need for some new friends in my life. I've met amazing people on LJ in the past that are still a major part of my life and I'd like to find such friendships once more.

A little background:
I'm 24 years old (almost 25), female, living in southern Idaho, and going to college. I've changed my major at least three times in the past year, which is fine since the classes I've been focusing on are required for most AA degrees. My current goal is to become a teacher for either middle or high school. What subject I want to concentrate on, I'm not sure because I love learning for the sake of learning and have too many interests to list. In my spare time, when I'm not studying, I play videogames, read, write, cook, watch movies/anime/TV shows, and do more studying. As far as music goes, I listen to everything... literally. I even listen to gospel despite the fact that I'm not Christian (Wiccan, here). I also hold nothing back in my journal, so be prepared for the inevitable TMI moments. Disclaimer: I also live with a mental illness that I explore in depth in some of my posts.

So, yeah, that's me. If you'd like to add me leave a comment here, as I have yet to put up a friends only post on my journal.

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hi everyone!
I think its time for some new friends.

Heres a little about me:

I'm 26 and live in Los Angeles.
I moved from Boston three years ago. LA is really my home now and its great but i have the east coast attitude and still miss it sometimes.
I just started a new job as a marketing assistant....
i mostly just write about my life and whats going on. its pretty typical 20 something i'd say besides that I live in LA.
because I live in LA i end up having a lot of weird things happen and opportunities present themselves and just craziness. I love it.
I have some of the best, most fun friends in the entire world.
I feel like theres not much else to add...I'm generally a happy positive person but sometimes in my journal i am not. its mostly because its a journal so its really for all my thoughts. and i usually write them basically like stream of consciousness.

this is me and PUPPIES. (I don't have one yet ----crying----...these are my friends but like, basically mine.)


I am not picky in who I add - just people who will read and let me read. :)
I also ask that everything you read in my journal be kept to yourself. sometimes i write things and talk about people where I wouldnt want everyone to know everything.
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Hi. My name is Angela, I'm 17 (soon to be 18) and from Australia. I'm just coming back to live journal and thought a new bunch of friends on my list would be nice.

So I guess this is the part where I convince you that I'm a great gal and have a super duper awesome and interesting life...

-I have a dog named gypsy. She likes to lick people's toes if they don't throw the ball for her
-I got engaged a few months ago.
-I function best with 12 or more hours sleep
-I love eating
-I like to think I'm nice
-I can be a bitch too
-I'm thinking about acting for film

That interesting enough for you? Most likely not but must still be good enough to continue reading this far. I hope to meet some cool new people.