November 30th, 2013

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Lookin' for a few new friendly friends!

Hi there everyone!

I'm making a (hopefully) triumphant return to LiveJournal, with a new journal and a determination to post at least a few times a week. We'll see. I'm pretty good with commenting though!

So, a few things about me ...

- 25yo Aussie girl who works in retail
- Can't decide what colour hair I want to have
- Huge animal lover (but not a veggo - and for God sakes, don't ask me about it)
- Not religious but believe in equality and the right to make choices where your body is concerned
- Believe in ghosts and aliens
- Photographer (just started up my own freelance work)
- Writer and avid reader
- Do not like Twilight. Just ... no.
- I like colours, music, poptarts, Milo, movies, TV shows, scrapbooking...
- Planning a wedding
- Navigating my parents' separation
- Love me some coffee.
- Harry Potter.

There are many, many other things that I write about and love to read about. You'll get to know them ALL when you add me. :D

Some TV shows I love:
- Dexter
- Once Upon a Time
- Gilmore Girls
- Supernatural
- The Walking Dead
- Ghost Adventures
- Scrubs
- Veronica Mars
- Bones
- How I Met Your Mother
- Big Bang Theory
- Grey's Anatomy

Some books I love:
- Harry Potter
- Discworld
- Finding Cassie Crazy
- Young adult novels in general, especially Australian ones
- The Hunger Games
- Dystopian fiction
- Harry Potter (did I say that already??)

Add me, and let's chat up some awesomeness! :D

ps, my LJ username is a combination of "bully breeds" as in pit bulls, staffies etc cos I LOVE THEM, and also obviously foxes. Cos I love them too. Mystery solved. :)