December 1st, 2013

{shenny} hug welcome back

coming back to where it feels right, to write.

Hello :) My name is Molly-

after an absence I am making my way back to LJ, and my friendslist is looking pretty dead these days!
looking for some new friends to make my way back into the community. i missed it greatly.

a little about me:
i love my name but i tend to meet more dogs also named molly than girls. :(
i have just reached 25 years of age and trying to find a balance and enjoy the "crazy 20's"
I live in a small town outside Boston, Mass.

i'm a lesbian and love girls, sometimes more than i should.
i've been with my girlfriend/the love of my life for 3 years now.
she is the greatest person i know.

i'm a waitress at a country club as i finish up my bachelors degree.
lots of changes in my life coming up with that.
but my first and only true love is art.

speaking of art, it's the driving force in my life.
i love to paint, draw, write and do anything creative.
i dabble in photography but have not gotten a chance to seriously study it.
i love music, i listen to almost everything other than country,
and i believe everything's better with music on.
i adore movies and going to the movies.

i'm bipolar and have battled depression for over 6 years,
recently i've found true happiness and contentment, and i'm trying to hold on to it.
but i still have my bad days.
my favorite saying is "some days are better than others"

i've met some of the most beautiful people i know, and made some true friends
here on livejournal.

it's quite hard to fit yourself into an "about me" section.
but if you like quotes, music, art and life. we could be great friends..

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Hi everyone!

I'm a 24 year old girl living in the US. I've just come back to LJ and would really like some new journals to read as I've lost most of my friends on here.

I've gone through a lot of changes this past year and have really grown but I'm still straightening a few things out.

I mostly like to write about my day to day activities but also thoughts and feelings.

Some shows I like...

Pointless reality tv shows
Vampire Diaries

I also love to read mostly mystery/thriller.

I love my 3DS and play quite often =)

I like makeup and fashion and candles

I'm not really sure what else to post on here, I feel like this doesn't even begin to describe me or give you a sense of who I am. I'm just a person who enjoys life and I'm looking for people to build a friendship with.