December 8th, 2013


Hi. :)
I would like some friendly LJ pals who are into Goth, Halloween, Horror, and/or Fantasy (genre). Also, people who like house decorating that is Goth and/or alternative.
Not looking for people who put down religions or write a lot about politics, drugs, and/or alcohol.

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I've been absent from LJ for a long time and not surprisingly, so have most of the friends on my list. Definitely looking for new friends on here, cuz I'm back with a lot of shit to get off my chest.

Female, 25, sexually fluid, mother of an amazing babyboy. I tend to be straightforward, moderately sarcastic, a bit of a misanthropist but don't worry ;) I'm very nice. To be honest, my life's not much more interesting than yours. Let's be boring together?

Anything else? Check my interests. Let's do this!
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yay or somethin

i'm jo, 25 year old girl from the USA. been doin the internet journal thing off and on since i was about 13. i wanna get back into it but most of the solid people i had on here who weren't absolute walnuts have disappeared.

i can't sell myself very well but i have plenty of public entries you can skim which include pictures of my face as well as other mundane bulljizz. i'm addicted to shopping (despite being poverty-stricken hillfolk), plagued by almost constant panic attacks, a fan of selfies (hella exhibitionist and not ashamed) and casual recreational drug use. i used to work with horses in PA, now rotting away jobless in ND til i can get back home. (hopefully soon!) i spend most of my time annoying the shit out of my boyfriend and letting people tell their children that i am that girl from the movie brave. add me if you are a victim of crippling meta-cognition and can appreciate infinite parodies of parodies!

if you need to stalk me further:

*flies away into the sun*