December 12th, 2013

New people to interact with!

Hi! I just joined LiveJournal 3 months ago for the first time. My profile says I just joined because I just made a new one and deleted the old one. That's why if u read my journal entries that are a little older - underneath the entry I have put the date I actually wrote it in my old journal. I had people, added as Friends, that I personally knew and didn't feel like I could express myself comfortably without being judged. I like the anonymity of this new account. I can say what I want!

Piggybacking on that......I have a Facebook but I can't rant and speak my mind without somebody calling my mother. Yes, you heard that right! I am 41 and people still call my mother when they don't approve or if they are "concerned." So that is why I created a LJ account to begin with!

Which leads me into my next subject. I think I am the oldest person in LJ. I noticed everyone is 23-26 years old. Why is that???? I am 41 but I act late 20's early 30's. Don't let that turn u off. I am not the annoying older person trying to relive my youth. I am just energetic, bubbly, personable, a social butterfly, lighthearted and fun! How else would I be able to get and KEEP my 25 year old boyfriend?! Pssst.....he acts older then his age. So we round each other out well.

I talk about:
shit that pisses me off
funny stuff
my hot man
Candy Crush Saga
my car
my lack of money
my feelings

I do not talk about:
daily news
tv shows
world events
and all that other boring stuff

Soooo add me if u want! Much love to u all at LJ!
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