December 17th, 2013

yarn love


I'm looking for more friends again. My friends list has gotten quiet.

My name is Taylor, I'm 24 years old living in Austin, Texas.


- Hanging out with friends
- Spending time with family
- Reading
- Watching movies
- Watching Youtube videos
- Crochet
- Painting
- Video games
- Shopping
- Taking pictures


- Nail polish
- My favorite TV shows
- My favorite books
- Sweets (Cake!)
- My cats
- Any animal, actually
- Go karts
- My favorite video games

Things you'll find in my journal:

- Random updates about whatever
- Updates about my day/life
- Pictures
- Videos
- Quotes
- Rants
- Personal information (Which I usually keep behind cuts...)

I'm just looking for friendly people who are also looking for friends. :) I don't put mature content or anything offensive in my journal. So add me if interested! <3

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