December 24th, 2013

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Well hello there!

Hi guys, here's the basics for all those snap judgers out there. I'm 31 (when did that happen!) from pretty much the middle of the UK, I have a little puppy and a gender confused cat. I live with my husband and am a property developer although I'm mostly on the creative side and study interior design. I also make a lot of my own clothes as well as design them and hope to start my own online shop in 2014.

I talk about my day to day life as well as rants, ponderings and a few pic posts sprinkled in for good measure. I've been on lj for about 10 years now (wow) and as with a lot of ljers, my f list has dwindled so I'm looking for new friends to get to know. I'm interested in people who want to strike up friendships not just add numbers. I'm a casual commenter, meaning I read regularly but comment if I have something to say.

Sons of anarchy, doctor who, tattoos, dying my hair bright colours, my bed, cooking, alternative fashion, interior design, charity shop shopping (general bargain hunting) sweetcorn, travelling, Big Bang theory, vintage make up and hair, spending all day in my pjs and my pets.

Biscuits, blindly copying and pasting rubbish, mrs browns boys, people coming over unannounced, fish, Paris Hilton, insurance companies and visible wires from computers/TVs/lamps etc.

I should mention I'm going for surgery in the near future so that will come up a bit for a little while but I'll try not to go overboard.

Thanks for your you were :D

Flower hair
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Hi! I'm Erica.
I tried LiveJournal before, but ended up giving up and deleting my account.
Life got too crazy. I want to try again, so here I am!

Living in SC.
Born & raised in TX.
Recovering addict.

If you look in the "interests" section in my userinfo, you can see some of the things I'm interested in.

Ask me questions. I'm as open as the books I read.
My life can be confusing, crazy, and amazing all at the same time.

Some things you'll see me update about are:
Recovery & therapy stuff.
Family. Friends. Boyfriend.
Day to day life.
Random thoughts.
Books, books, books!
Other things I love.
And just a bunch of random things that may happen.
I guess life in general. All aspects of it.

Come along for the ride?

Comment down below and I'll add you or the entry in my journal.

Looking for new friends

I added a bunch of friends a few weeks ago and they all seem to have disappeared, so I've decided to put a call out for more.

I'm looking for people who might interested in my sociological tourist trips. To be clear, I've been dabbling in being gender queer, part of the fetish community - a recent thing (all posts are appropriately marked Adult, mind), video games, and, more importantly a lot of introspection on my life. It's a very personal journal with lots of photos and storytelling and I'm looking for people to be active participants in it. I love answering questions about who I am and where I'm coming from inside, so that's actually really important to me. I'm someone who is both consistent yet sporadic, brash, and very keen on detail, so a lot of my journal posts are like that. I've been told that my posts are entertaining, but I often find it disheartening to see a rare comment here and there since I thrive off of personal interaction. Still, I've been writing a lot of things and I intend to do so in the coming future. But first, a little about me:

Name: Alex (male), Lexine (female, current user pic)
Gender: Genderqueer (either one, or both at the same time)
Age: 34
Sign: Gemini (Not kidding!)
Social communities that I identify with (not necessarily LJ): Transgender, fetish, Disney fans, gamers
Relationship Status: Single, but dating
Likes: Tonkatsu/Chicken Katsu, Milanese/Milanesa, Rib-eye steaks, crispy thin cut fries, iceberg lettuce, stories with mystery, technology, intersections of art and science, the superficial, House of Cards, Hannibal, video games, communication, love, affection, movies, anything Disney, learning fun tricks with rope?
Dislikes: Dishonesty, raw anything (sorry sushi - I'll take a tempura roll though?), insincerity
Biggest motivation in life: Love like you've never hurt before

looking for some friends in lj

Hello! My name is Jo, I'm 34, married, gay, a mother to two 14 year olds, and a student. I'm looking for like-minded individuals to share our UPS and downs together. I post maybe once or twice a week, and sometimes it can get a little heavy...but also thought provoking!

My likes:
American horror story
Walking dead
Sleeping in
My chosen family

My dislikes:
Early morning alarms
Working out
My birth family

If we sound like we'd make a good pairing, add me! I've been off livejournal for some time but looking to make a comeback.

Thanks for reading!

(no subject)

Hello! my name is Lisa and I'm a 31 year old single and childless woman from Wisconsin. I am an artist, a ghost hunter, and a former cat owner, now a gerbil owner. I'm not looking for anyone in particular but if you'd like to add me, feel free to do so. However, I must warn you that my journal is not a happy journal and I live a really difficult life. I also suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and post traumatic distress. Please don't mention that I need therapy... I've been through 3 years of it already and it almost ended my life. I'm still recovering from the negative effects of my former medications to this very day and I'm not sure if I'll ever recover. so any mention of that may trigger some anxiety attacks and angry emotions.

I found that Live Journal alone is very therapeutic for me and I've been using that in place of actual therapy. It gets my thoughts and emotions out of my system and I'm able to go through the motions of daily life just fine. It's just that I wish that the problems and disabilities I was born with would just go away and people would quit holding me back and give me a fair chance at life, but it is what it is. however, I still hang onto hope that my life will get better someday and I'll have much happier things to write about then. But until then, I'll just get through the days the best I can and deal with it. It's pretty much all I can do.

Fantasy films like: Harry Potter, Lord of the RIngs, Hunger Games, Princess Bride, Labyrinth

Music: alternative rock, heavy metal, symphonic metal, goth metal, and sometimes bluegrass and oldies

Swimming, hottubs, saunas, steam rooms...

Libraries, museums, parks and zoo trips

going for long walks

interior design

History, psychology, geography, literature, astronomy

Cats. I had a cat for 7 years but I had to give her up because I was moving and couldn't find an affordable place or both of us. She's doing okay in her new forever home and I'm glad that I was able to keep her or as long as I did. If I were to move again to a place where I could have a cat again, i would love to adopt from the animal shelter and start over again.

Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year and today is Christmas Eve!

Books: fantasy and science fiction novels. i also enjoy memoirs.

Shows: Big Bang theory, Doctor Who, the simpsons, law and order, older anime shows, 80s-90s cartoons, star trek, House MD, South Park, Married... With Children, The Tudors, Game of thrones, 90s sitcoms

The Sims 3: I'm seriously hooked on this game.

Vintage video games

Being with family and friends. After my mother abandoned me and after I gave her chance to be a part of my life again and failed to do her part to win my trust back and rebuild the broken mother/daughter relationship, I appreciate my family a lot more now than i used to and I'm grateful for the time I get to spend with them...

Art and drawing. It's always been a part of me. I have an account on deviantart under midnight21 though I've been pretty inactive this year due to drama and stress in my life.

Shopping. I love to shop but I enjoy shopping at thrift stores the most. Not because I'm poor and trying to get by every month, but because I enjoy vintage things and finding halfway decent music, clothes and other things that I won't be able to find in regular retail.

Road trips: I usually jump at any given opportunity if money permits.

Fall, Spring, and Summer. I like those seasons the most unless if it gets too hot for me. I'm also not a fan of severe weather either.

Food: Chinese, italian and several comfort foods that are made with pasta, chicken, pork, or beef.

Dark colors like purple, cranberry, navy blue, and green.


Winter. Enough said.

Math. I have a learning disability with that subject.

doctors, therapists, and dentists...

People who control and manipulate every aspect of my life and expect me to be someone I'm not then judge me for it...

Art and character theft. I've worked too long and hard on my characters and their storylines to have people take advantage of me or steal my art... it really, really sucks.

Being single. I'm fine with it for the most part but there are times when I get lonely and wish it would change.

mainstream pop (justin bieber, beyonce, miley, ect ect ect) , glee, twilight, duck dynasty

My speech impediment and disabilities. My mother had been drinking and smoking during her pregnancy with me and her selfish habits had ruined my life from the very beginning and I hate how people treat me so differently because of it. But I accept it...

Judgmental and intolerant behavior. I'm a Christian, yet I don't push my beliefs on others and I'm very welcoming of the gay/lesbian communities and those of other races and backgrounds. What you are or where you're from doesn't matter to me at all. If you be nice to me and treat me with fairness and respect then I will be more than happy to do the same for you.

Extremely selfish people who have to have their way with everything and make no effort to compromise. that's pretty much the number one way how a friendship or relationship could end with me.

Again, I must warn you that my journal is rather depressing and somewhat negative/realist, and pessimistic. If you are one of those shiny happy people who look for positive journal entries, please don't add me and tell me later that my journal is too depressing for you. It gets old after awhile, especially when I've warned you guys time and time again. Otherwise, if you can deal with such things then feel free to add me at any time.

Merry Christmas!