December 25th, 2013

TWILIGHT *animated* Phoenix Sun

From Melbourne, Australia

Hi Everyone,

My name is Cat and I'm 27 (as the title implies, I'm Aussie but I also have a Chilean background).

After a very lengthy break from LJ, I've now returned and noticed that many on my friends list have gone MIA or are busy doing things IRL.

Am looking for like-minded peeps :)


  • Movies. Film is my main passion. I've dabbled in studying cinematography here and there. I love a good discussion about this medium, and I'll watch anything because you can learn a lot, even from genres that you dislike. I even have a Facebook page dedicated to it (Movie Kitty), and occasionally write reviews on WordPress - feel free to add me on those mediums too!

  • TV: (D'uh!) I enjoy New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, True Blood, Girls, Mad Men, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Star Trek (Voyager, NG, and DS9), Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Arrow, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Brooklyn 99, Saturday Night Live, X-Files... etc.

  • Reading: Mostly young adult sci-fi/fantasy stuff cause it's easily digestible. But I enjoy a good memoir. Classic literature. Or if I'm desperate, the dust covered book at the forgotten corner of the bookshelf (Ha!)

  • Tolerance of other races and beliefs.


  • Constant negativity. Yeah, people have bad days. But I'm not looking for a perpetual Eeyore outlook on life. We've all been through shit and I like to see the positive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy all the time either, but I won't be dragged down into unnecessary drama.

  • The inability to accept the choices of others, whether that be their religious, intellectual, gender identification (etc) decisions or life paths that they take. I personally identify as BI, so if you can't handle that then you should probably mosey on by. And although raised as Catholic, I consider myself agnostic. And I don't need someone Bible bashing my choices.

Besides that, I'm pretty easy to get along with. My patience is a strong point. I like to read, and I like to comment (would prefer the same in return. I don't need no lurkers).

Add me, or hit me up here if you have any questions.
Merry Christmas from down under, Cat xx

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Returning to LJ

Hi! creepynight was my old account (like 3 years ago). I used to be a good icon maker. I'm Isabella. 19. Very shy/quiet/calm/lazy in real life. I have Mysophobia and some other obsessive-compulsive disorders. I usually wake up at 6 AM for school (currently on vacation).

I like: Nostalgia. MOVIES. MOVIES. MOVIES (all kinds, horror mostly). TV. 80's/90's music (hard/soft rock/disco/new wave/bubblegum pop) (and Maroon 5). DVDs/CDs. All animals. Feminism. The good & old Cartoon Network. Staying home. Gifs. Photography. Philosophy. Psychology. The Human & Animal Rights. Quiet places. Open-minded people. Magazines. Funny/cute things. Old celebrities. Daydreaming. 90's video games. Sleeping. Controversies. File sharing/downloads.

I hate: Twilight. School. Fashion. Electronic/Indie music. Parties. When people get angry for no reason.

I post: Anything movie/music related, weird stuff, and pictures I like.

I don't like TV shows but I still watch these: Kenan & Kel, Mr. Bean, Manimal, X-Files, Moonlight, Police Squad, Perfect Strangers, Law & Order: SVU.

*These are my links! ♥

~Anyway, If you don't think I'm a boring person, add me! :)