December 29th, 2013

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Hello! A lot of my LJ friends have gradually stopped posting and my friends pages is... pretty empty these days. I'm looking to meet some new people! I'm sure some of you out there are awesome and I'd love to know you.

I'm a 26-year-old queer trans guy living in Vancouver, BC. I grew up in the Maritimes, and three years ago, I moved from a coastal city on one side of the continent to a larger coastal city on the other side of the continent. I have a bachelor's degree and a half in music (the half was specifically in music composition), and I'm currently working on becoming a paralegal. (I still play and write music, mostly just for myself.) I'm not a hundred percent sure what I'm doing with my life. If I hate working in law, I plan to stick with it for long enough to save up for grad school and do a master's in occupational therapy. In my work, I want to find some way, however small, to help make the world a more just, less oppressive place.

I keep my journal friends-locked, because I want to know who's reading it. This seems unlikely now, but I wouldn't want, say, my Mom to accidentally or deliberately stumble upon it. (I had an online journal when I was fourteen that my Mom did end up reading, and things got kind of ugly for a while.)

The most recent posts in my journal are about:
- a blog post a friend linked me to that's a theoretical analysis of a particular gay sex practice
- the cat I adopted yesterday! (you can probably expect several more about her)
- daily life
- poetry (not by me) that I enjoyed and wanted to save and share  (not something I post frequently, just once in a while)
- some thoughts on a book I was reading about urban exploration
- my excitement about getting a cat and some nervousness about starting a new semester with more difficult courses and then trying to find a job when I'm done my program
- some mental health stuff
- more mental health stuff
- a coffee date I went on
- a song and some thoughts about place

I have ongoing struggles with mental health, and that's something I write about in my journal. I have PTSD and sometimes I struggle with depression and anxiety. Occasionally I do write about the gory details of events that led to my PTSD, but that stuff gets put behind a cut so that anyone reading it is making the choice to do so.

Some things I'm not comfortable reading about: weight loss, and misogynistic, racist, homophobic, fatphobic or transphobic content.
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Come One, Come All

Heylo, i've been around these parts for a while now, this particular journal has been around for nearly 9 years! wow. Most of you may know me from blackheart19 (hey guys) but i'm looking to spice things up and add some new people on to this journal.

So introductions, my name is jacy, i live in the south east of england, i'm 29 next april. I live by myself with two cats, a hamster and a bunch of fish. I'm currently unemployed, but looking for work, i'm going to be doing an IT course next year, aswell as a basic english course - which brings neatly onto conditions, that it seems all the cool kids have to. Seriously, everyone seems to have something :) we're cool!
I have a body clock disorder, aphasia (or dyslexia depending on who you talk to - some people insist it's dyslexia because they're so alike), anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue and high functioning autism. So i mention these sometimes. I have also started a new relationship with a really great guy.

Hobbies and interests, and stoof i like are: films, tv show, music, arty crafts, photography, civil rights, politics, technology, karaoke, food, history, cultures, star trek, buffy, 90s films and shows, suckerpunch, black books, stand up comedy, cats, animals, fight club, dracula, true blood, anime, equality, paganism, reiki, spirituality.

I read my friends list, every day, twice a day. And i'm a avid commenter and have picked up some really good friends along the way. So come join the crew :D

Type of friend i'm looking for, is someone who shares some similarities in interest, hobby or life situations. Someone from 25years to 35years, and who speaks english. Someone who isn't racist, or homophobic, or bitchy or takes drugs, even soft drugs.
I do have a few triggers, so if you write about battling anorexia (thats great and i woot for you, truly) or about current abusive situations, i really cannot cope with reading that, i'm sorry and i sincerely hope things get better for y'all in those situations. I get attached to people, and so would suffer to hear of anyone thinking about harming themselves, or self hating or punishing themselves, so that's included in the no no pile too. :(

Other than that, i think we would have a whale of a time :D feel free to add me, and i'll add you back asap. 
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Hello everyone!

So the short version is that I’m 34, male, single, straight, and entirely boring. Or at least I think so. My journal is where I (erratically, and sometimes infrequently) post about my life. It isn’t always a happy journal, and because I’m writing to myself and from myself, sometimes I forget important details that the rest of the world might care about. While I occasionally make politically-loaded comments in my entries, this isn’t something that I focus on or feel too strongly about – I’m too close to the machine to think that I can change how it functions.

I read consistently, but comment erratically. I’m trying to be better about commenting, but my life has been a little chaotic lately, and my internet connection sucks.

Your journal is coherent, contains meaningful reflections about your life, and isn’t overwhelmingly frequent. I don’t really care about your gender, race, religion, age, or politics as long as you write well think about what you say, and respect that I may come to different conclusions when faced with the same information. Please don’t add me if you don’t write in English or French, you don’t write in complete sentences, you regularly post more than twice a day, or your entries are mostly memes or movie reviews.

I’ve been on LJ since you needed an “invite code” to get an account. I initially met one of my closest in-person friends in an LJ community (when I stuck up for her after she got into a flame war with the mods). I plan on keeping this journal for a while. If you think we can be friends, leave me a comment or message.
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Hello everyone the name is Joel and I am a 26 year old gay male.
I've been on livejournal since I was 14, but this blog is only a couple of years old and has only been used for the past few months.. I don't update as often as I would like but I think that's because I don't really have anyone who's reading it and sharing their thoughts.

Music, Movies, Writing, Reading, Fashion, Photoshop, health and beauty.

TV Shows:
Teen Wolf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Weeds, United States of Tara, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons, King of The Hill, Futurama, Desperate Housewives, etc..

Scream (1,2,4), The Doom Generation, Nowhere, Kaboom, Bring it On, Another Gay Movie, Zoolander, Rules of Attraction, White Frog, Clueless, The Strangers etc..

Books: Girl Interrupted, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Catcher in the Rye, Mysterious Skin, A Density of Souls, The Snow Garden, Prozac Nation etc..

My journal is pretty random recently I write when I am sad or emotional , but I am looking to use my journal more frequently and a way to document my life in 2014.

I am not picky about who adds me, but do not add me if you do not plan to read and comment.

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