December 30th, 2013

Pals :)

Hi. :)
My journal is fairly new, but I've had journals on LJ for over 10 years.
I mostly write about everyday stuff and projects I'm working on.
I would like some friendly LJ pals who are into Goth, Halloween, Horror, and Fantasy (genre).
Not looking for people who put down religions or write a lot about politics, drugs, and/or alcohol.

~Everyday Is Halloween~
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Round 2

I tried this a few months ago and had a little luck finding people I click with, so I figured I'll try again!

My name is Amber and I'm 27. I'm married to my husband, Will, and we have three children together. I obviously talk about children and momlife, so if those things aren't your cup of tea, move along. I'd love to actually get to know people and become friends, rather than just have a high amount of numbers on my friends list. I'm pretty open about my life and don't censor myself. I'm Bipolar, so you'll read about stuff pertaining to that and will probably be able to tell when I'm in a rut. I am very pro marriage equality and LGBT rights, women's rights, human rights in general, breastfeeding friendly and birth friendly. I'm not "crunchy" by any means though. I'm not religious nor do I believe in God, and I don't mind if you are, but I don't really care to read about it either.

What I like: Reading (Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, YA novels and series), The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, Ghost Hunters, Bones, Girls, and American Horror Story. I also have tattoos and stretched ears. I like to dye my hair crazy colors (although, my hair has taken quite the beating!) too. :D

What I don't like: Racism, Homophobes, Ignorance, Chauvinistic pigs, Douchebags..I think you get the idea. :P

If you can handle reading about momlife mixed with Bipolar rantings and a dash of sarcasm, add me, just comment to let me know!

ETA a picture of me!

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