January 17th, 2014


Hello people,
I'm new to LiveJournal. I started one because I like to vent and write when I'm venting. I'm hoping to meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends. Since moving 4 years ago, I haven't been able to make many friends so the internet is always there for these purposes.

About me... hmm I will most likely be blogging about dreams and issues in life, but I also like to research random things and write up stuff I find on it. I am an avid reader and I like to watch random shows, currently catching up on Special Victims Unit mostly. I have a husband and a son who is turning 2 on the 22nd of this month. I am a stay at home mom (and I mean that in the literal meaning... I literally hardly ever leave the house unless to walk down the street) because we are a young couple with only one car right now, so I have been secluded for a little over 2 years now.

I play a lot of video games and also am a full time college student (online courses of course.. at least for now). I love music, although I've been having issues with the newer songs, not my style for the most part.

Anywho, hope to talk with some new people \(^.^)/ *Cheers*
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ive done a few of these so i'm gonna try again. :)

I'm in my late 20s, live in Oregon. Single (gonna be a spinster, i am i am.) Five cats, two dogs. Grocery store employee for 11 years and doing part-time at a dr's office on the side which i sort of hate sometimes. but i like having the money. so, you can bet i rant a bunch about both places, especially since my grocery store job is going through some changes in management and coworkers (6 people left this month! GEEZE.) my life's slowed down a lot compared to my past, so i think i'm super boring now. hell, i KNOW i'm super boring now. but i do get an adventure in there every now and then when i can.

Music; I listen to a lot and actually it's how i've made most of my friends. my listening used to be primarily Japanese-based but fortunately, for various reasons, i've slowly fallen out of those fandoms but still gonna keep a few around just for the sake of memories and whatever. more specific bands/artists i like are Dir en Grey, AliceNine, The Killers, Bowie, All Time Low, almost anything from the 80s. I've even been known to headbang to some Norwegian metal (Kvelertak) and i'm fond of Nachtmahr and some other gothy darkwave techno, even that bassdrop or dubstep stuff is growing on me. ive been on 8tracks listening to a bunch of mixes including instrumentals *cough that's lord of the rings inspired cough* as well as discovering other artists like Melody Gardot, Imagine Dragons, Skylar Grey, Lana Del Rey, and tons of others that i'm always seeming to hear about but never actually listening to. throw some Opera and classical in there while we're at it, too. i love me some opera.

Likes: fashion and hair. tumblr (shh, i finally got sucked in and i love it.) some video games, reading (i have a pile of JRR Tolkien stuff i need to get through including Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion), strawberry lemonade, zombies, vodka, snailmail/getting mail and/or packages, shopping, baking/cooking, going to concerts, organizing things and cleaning, overseas/traveling, various tv shows currently on air and not around anymore including Golden Girls, Ripper Street, Being Human (UK), Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Haunted Collector. (Oh and of course Walking Dead)
Since i got Netflix, I like watching bad handycam films because i'm a sucker for those. more favorite movies consist of The Goonies, Legend, Jurassic Park, Die Hard, and Silence of the Lambs. I also will watch almost any black and white film from the 30s/40s and be completely happy with that. I also adore Lee Pace and Tom Hiddleston. because how can you NOT i mean really...Lord of the Rings/Hobbit stuff, Marvel stuff....

Dislikes, and the part where I sound like a jerk but hey i might as well say it so it can save people some time or whatever. :|v

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