January 26th, 2014

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My name is Whitney.  I'm 27 years old.  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'm a fraternal triplet.  I'm currently unemployed.  I live with my parents at the current moment.  I'm a classic nerd, I enjoy magic the gathering. I'm bi-polar.  I post about my day, events going on, etc.  I'm pretty open minded and can make friends with almost anyone.

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Hello new friends!

My name is Hilary, I'm 27 years old, and I live in Perth, Australia with my boyfriend and my cat. I'm a geeky pansexual feminist with a burning desire to have more letters after her name than there are in it, and far too many hobbies fuelled by ADD and chocolate.

I've been on livejournal for about 11 years. My journal has gone through a lot of different phases during that time, but these days I mostly blog about:

My daily life
Politics and feminism
Travel stories
Costuming and dressmaking
Assorted academic interests mostly related to English, cultural studies, history and education

I'm also involved in a few fandoms (mostly spn and HP), but my fandom activities are generally confined to tumblr so you don't need to worry about being spammed with all that if you're not into it. I do enjoy reading and commenting on other people's fandom stuff though!

I love having conversations with people about all sorts of topics, but I do have some ground rules for my journal that I enforce pretty strictly. I have no interest in people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, ablist or otherwise bigoted. I do not allow comments that express bigotry or which include personal attacks on me or other commenters, and will delete any comments that go against these rules. Sometimes there will be angry queer feminist ranting, and if you cannot support that then we very likely won't get along.

If you have questions about me or my journal, I will answer them. If I sound like your kind of person, please go ahead and add me :)
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Hello! I'm Ashleh, a 27 year old Canadian living in Pakistan with my fiancé who is a military police officer and our 4 year old sable German Shepherd, Mya. We've been together for 4 years this April, but have been friends since we were 14. I work in immigration enforcement for a foreign government at an embassy here in Islamabad, and I love my job. I love to travel, and have visited 25 countries so far, and have lived in 3 - Canada, Netherlands and Pakistan. I've yet to travel to South America or Australia, but I have plans to visit Australia this year and South America when we move back to Canada, which will be July 2015.

My life is pretty simple, I don't do a whole lot other than work, walk my dog, spend time with my fiancé, travel, and occasionally hang out with friends.

I love makeup and spend a lot of my free time watching makeup tutorials and beauty bloggers on YouTube. I also love to shop, which is an expensive addiction I have. I blame it on the fact that I live in Pakistan and I don't have a whole lot to do here and online shopping makes me happy :)

My journal is mostly about my day to day life, travel planning, occasionally some photos. I'm not part of any fandoms and would rather not read about them. I don't smoke cigarettes (it's been over a year now), I don't do drugs (did in the past) and I probably only drink once a month. Nothing against you if you do, but if you post about it constantly, then we probably shouldn't be friends. And if you're depressed or write a lot of whiny posts, please don't add me. I have been there and I feel for you, but I'm at a good place in my life and would rather not read about that stuff. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bitch because I'm really quite nice.

I'd prefer to be friends with people who are around my age, and perhaps have similar interests, like travel.

Comment on my friends only entry to be added.

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I'm Sarah, a 24 year old from the St. Louis area (Illinois side). I am an early childhood educator who is slowly working toward a Bachelors of Social Work (will I ever get there?). I have one child, Lily, who is 5 years old. I have a fantastic boyfriend that I met on Okcupid, Ronnie, and a red-eared slider (turtle) named Squirtle. I currently live in Troy, Illinois with my parents but will soon, hopefully, be reestablishing myself in St. Louis, closer to work/amazing places to eat/my boyfriend/civilization.

I'm a introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging (INFJ) liberal feminist. I make art and crafts. I love Harry Potter and my Etsy store (The Shrieking Shack) is a testament to that.

I write about my day to day life, my worries, dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, and the future. This journal is brand new but I've been on Livejournal, consistently writing, since I was 13. I was llama_friendly. My last journal no longer felt like mine after I found out my daughter's father had been reading my friends only and private posts for years. Recently, my password was mysteriously changed and I couldn't access the account. I believe it was him, so thousands of posts and 10 years of writing is all gone :(

I read, post, and comment often. Feel free to add me and see if we'd make a good LJ friend match!

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