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Hi! My name is Becca & I'm pretty use to the Livejournal community -- and decided to finally return with a new blog.

; A twenty-three year old college student whom has gone for both Psychology & Photography -- although, returning in the Fall for just Psychology. I've already received an Associate's & am a year and a half away from my Bachelors.

; I'm a cook at a local restaurant/bar. I'm also amazin' at the art of cupcake bakin'.

; I fangirl a lot over several different fandoms. At the moment, they consist of Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries. Although, I'm super familiar with several others. About to dive into BBC's Sherlock. squeals.

; As for music, well, I love it. Very much open to all genres & I lovelovelove music recommendations.

; I like to draw a lot & also find myself writing more often then not. & I'll definitely be posting my work on my journal.

; When I'm not doing said hobbies, I'm definitely gettin' down on some video game action. I absolutely adore the X-Box, but most gameplay as of late is on the PS3.

; 96% of the time, I am extremely quirky & fun to be around.

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Hello add_me community!

I've posted here several times in the past and made some great friends so now I'm back for more.

Tomorrow will actually mark 10 years of me being on LJ, I can't believe how time flies!

For starters my name is Tracy and I'm a 25 year old girl living in New York. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but moved here about two years ago for graduate school. I studied criminology and music in my undergraduate years and now I'm finishing up my last semester for a master's degree in counseling. I plan on working with the prison population or domestic violence victims, but am pretty much open to whatever counseling job I'm offered so I can start paying off these student loans, ack!

Since I'm a Canadian student in the US, I'm sort of broke because I'm unable to work so I had to get creative which lead me to start my own pet-boarding service. I'm a huge animal lover and have a one year old Maltese named Charlie who you'll hear somewhat frequently about in my journal because he means the world to me. He's spunky, smart, full of energy, pulls tons of silly shenanigans and a professional photo-bomber. I also have a three year old miniature poodle named Mango who's a professional sock thief, world class cuddler but lives with my family in Toronto who I miss dearly. Although, I have little to none experience running a business I'm super grateful for the financial success my pet-boarding service I named "Pawsitive Petcare" has brought me. I'm a one woman show, but have managed to secure a steady amount of regular clients. I love caring for dogs and having them stay with me in my apartment, the added bonus is they also entertain Charlie in the process.

I believe that all women are beautiful no matter what size, shape, ethnicity or style preference. Unfortunately I don't have any female friends in real life and all my friends are male, but I really value the friendships and interactions I've made with my LJ girls! I am sort of a girly girl when it comes to makeup and skincare though and particularly love cosmetics and skincare products that are organic, all natural and don't test on animals. As a result, you'll probably hear me rave about a few products I enjoy and find effective from time to time in my journal.

I'm also a foodie and love to cook and bake. Sometimes I'll post an occasional recipe. I'm not picky when it comes to food, I enjoy everything from gourmet to fast food and everything in between but don't really have a sweet tooth even though I've worked as a dessert chef in the past haha. Oh and you'll never see me turn down a french fry ;). For someone my size, I seem to surprise everyone with the bottomless pit appetite I have lol.  I'm also a coffee enthusiast and drink a ton of tea.

If I had the time and money I would love to travel more. My husband has been to 22 countries for work and leisure and I can only hope that I'l see that many new and exciting places in my lifetime since I've only really traveled to two.

Additionally, I love to read. I don't really have a preference but I tend to enjoy reading work from decades and centuries ago. Right now, I'm actually reading a book from the year 1748! In terms of music, I love blues, jazz, rnb, rap, reggaeton, country, opera, classical and a couple of pop songs. My favorite artists include Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, Motown groups and Frank Ocean just to name a few. I also sing and dance and play musical instruments (mostly piano and guitar, but can dabble in drums and some string instruments). I don't watch a lot of TV but some shows I watch are Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds, 2 Broke Girls (I can totally relate to both the characters lol), The Big Bang Theory, Drop Dead Diva, Devious Maids, Southpark, and enjoy watching whatever's on the ID Channel (Investigative Discovery) and Food Network...ok scratch that, after my list I probably do watch a lot of TV >_<.

I think this introduction has already run on too long so I'll wrap it up. If you would like to add me, comment here and tell me a little bit about yourself. Also feel free to ask me any questions you may have that my introductory post didn't cover. Ultimately I'm looking for friends who will also transition on to interacting via text message, Skype, Instagram (tracy_flack) and if live close enough to me become offline friends! I'm pretty active on LJ and post about 2-3 times a week. I'm always reading my friends' list but will only comment if I have something meaningful to say which means you'll hear from me often but I won't comment on every entry you post if that's what you're looking for. I mostly post about what goes on during my days, pictures, thoughts and feelings, things that I've just discussed above.

Lastly here's the obligatory selfie:
 photo WIN_20140126_112659_zps21f4b2ee.jpg
I thought the light reflecting off my hair from the blinds looked cool haha.
 photo WP_20140205_005_zpsab42c42e.jpg
And here's my sidekick Charlie, waking up from a nap.
 photo 767ac67b-f934-4511-8bd5-8313978d17fe_zpsa4912455.jpg
My other pup Mango!
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Hello Community

I find LJ which I recently joined, to be a suitable place as I age and sail on to the sunset of my life. I'm not sure who would want to befriend a senior; however, if we're as old as we feel, then I'm young in spirit inside my earthstronaut suit. John C