February 12th, 2014

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Catchy Subject Line!


* List maker
* Pansexual & queer, I identify as both interchangeably
* Momma of the best kitty cat ever
* Genderqueer
* Feminist
* Humanitarian
* Rainbow & pig collector
* Weirdo
* ENFJ & ENFP [results vary]
* Hufflepuff & Potterhead
* Nerd & mega dork
* Awkward
* Kinkster
* Vegetarian
* Wino & lush
* Punster
* Brat
* Loyal to a fault
* Soft atheist
* Font obsessed
* Summer child
* Karaoke fiend
* Weakness for massages
* Creep
* Fake bartender
* Reiki certified
* Wearer of body modifications
* Lover of boardgames, RPGs & party games
* Bookworm & library enthusiast
* Six year old at heart
* Colouring book fanatic
* Addicted to garlic & chocolate [separately :p ]
* 420 friendly
* Unofficial vaporizer spokesperson
* Nature/camping lover
* Expensive liquor taste
* Thrifter
* Recently dumped

My journal is personal and about my ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies. And randomness in between!

I'm not always the most persistent commenter, but I am thoughtful when I do.

Join me on my journey & I'll join you on yours! :D
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Friends, Maybe?

The name's Heather, I'm 25 years old and I currently reside in Southern California with my husband and cat. I LOVE people who post a lot because I like to comment and get the love in return. I'm currently pregnant with our first little offspring due in July so if you don't mind a lot of baby talk, I'm your girl!

- Art and artists
- British TV
- Coffee & tea
- Vintage things
- Interior design
- Knitting
- Books
- Feminists
- Open minded people
- Interesting people

- Constantly negative people
- Sexism
- Racism
- Homophobes
- Bad tattoos
- People who don't read
- People who like to gossip and pass judgement

Some of my favorite books include: Anything by Tolkein, The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami, the Harry Potter series, A Fault In Our Stars (anything by John Green, honestly), and sometimes I have a weakness for Jodi Picoult books if I want something sappy that'll make me cry.

Add me if you think we should be friends!
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(no subject)

Name: Ash.
Age: Twenty Six.
Location: Canada.
Favourite TV shows/movies: Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, ER, American Horror Story, Chicago Fire, The Soprano's, Rookie Blue, Mob Wives. - Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Mortal Instruments, Bronx Tale, Footloose, Rocky, Pulp Fiction, To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Road House, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Captain Philips, Fast & Furious franchise and every Mark Wahlburg and Jason Statham movie ever made.
Interests: Make Up, Music, Fashion, picture Journaling, Traveling, Hello Kitty, Tattoos, Hockey, Food, Hot Chocolate, Reading, Writing, Animal Print, Boys, Dinning out, Cupcakes, Getting my eyebrows done, My dogs and Cat, other Animals, Stand up Comedy, Tumblr, Alaska, Ebay.
What your journal consists of: All kinds of stuff.
What are you looking for in a LJ friend: Someone that comments sometimes, someone that has some things in common with me. Not asking for to much.

Repopulating this Ghost Town

Hey folks,

I used to be very active on this site, and I've gotten back into it since the first of the year. I try to post every several days, and I generally read my friends' posts. I try to comment on their posts as much as possible (even if it's a short reply).

Anyway, I am:
-33 years old
-an adjunct college professor
-finishing my PhD

I study and teach philosophy, and I'm currently applying for tenure-track professorships across the nation, so I'll probably be writing about the application process. My research is in aesthetics, but I usually don't post about that. I suppose I write enough on that subject off of LJ. I've had this account for about a decade, and I'm hoping to pull a Lazarus with it. So far, it's working out.

Politically, I'm fairly progressive (socially liberal), religiously, I'm a hard agnostic, and philosophically, I'm a misanthropic humanist. My tone can be somewhat cynical, but I'm actually quite optimistic very often.

Anyway, feel free to add if you think we might have some things in common.

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