March 25th, 2014

little terror



my name is aly. I'm 28, recently married but in a LDR with my husband. I live in northern BC and enjoy exploring the woods up here and looking at rocks and old abandoned buildings. I love road trips, Canadian history, and urban exploration and am trying to spend more time on those interests. I also have read almost every Stephen King book and tend to like speculative fiction, but I enjoy reading pretty much anything and am trying to expand my bookshelf.

my love life (and general life) has been rather pathetic for the majority of my journal, so if you fancy reading old entries you might be entertained. right now, things are relatively stable and my husband is awesome.
I go through periods of hating my job and deciding to do another degree, then taking one online course and bombing in a spectacular fashion.
I also have terrible fashion sense and am trying to move forward from a past spent cutting my own hair and shopping for clothes in the "not so dirty" pile of wrinkled, stained sweatpants on my bedroom floor.

I am also making an effort to update more. I update probably twice a month, now, but hopefully will do more soon as life begins to get more interesting. I do comment kind of a lot!

I have a crazy family, a bunch of weird pets (cats, hamsters, a tortoise) and live in a quirky place. Even when life is depressing, I usually try and find a way to make it hilarious. I realize I am not exactly selling myself here but what you see is what you get. I am basically looking for friends who kind of have similar interests, put some effort into what they post (ie. they try to make it interesting for readers and not just endless verbal diarrhea) and have a vague grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Here is a list of things some of my LJ friends have in common with me:

- body modification -- tattoos, piercings, ear stretching, scarification, etc
- feminism
- amazing sense of humour
- open relationships, poly or unconventional relationship setups (I'm in a monogamous relationship, but had open relationships in the past and can relate to people who are in them)
- queer, gay, bi, trans, genderqueer, gender fluid, or questioning, or allies
- healthy sex lives and some openness in writing about it
- irony
- swearing!
- appreciation for reading, learning, poetry, writing, art or academia
- having experiments with delicious food
- cool hair
- enjoys lolcats and internet memes
- dorking out over Stephen King
- (both for the misc and the actual bodybuilding)

probably if you share one or some or all of these interests/life aspects then we will probably get along!

I don't really watch tv or find tv very interesting to read about. Same with anime and sports and partying/drugs. And most fandoms. Not that I won't add you if you like those things; just keep in mind we might not have too much in common if the bulk of your entries are about those things.

I feel like I should say here that I have a few lj friends who I do feel have become 'real' friends in the sense that I do actually care about them and also have added them on Facebook. it takes time. I know not everyone is interested in that or wants that -- and primarily, my reason for reading and writing on LJ is entertainment... so I am pretty cool with *just* that and don't expect that everyone is going to be my internet soulmate. I do respect (and expect) that people have lives outside of the internet. I like comments but don't need comments on every single post. also, I won't get offended if you add me and then decide it's not worth your while.

So that's pretty much it. I feel like any ending to this plea for friendship is just going to make the whole thing even more exceedingly awkward so... add me I guess? bye forever.