March 29th, 2014

『Ohno』 ☞ Stare


I'm deciding to come back to lj cause I miss it dearly!

-Well for starters I'm Kristy!
-I will be posting regularly on my lj
-Mostly about my life or things I'm currently enjoying as well (tv shows etc) :D
-I have a boyfriend who I adore (2yrs as of feb)
-I'm 22 (23 in july)
-Zodiac sign is Cancer
-Living in Cali
-Animal lover and Cat lady (I have 2 cats, I know, I know. I need more)
-I watch anime and read manga
-I play video games, a lot o-o (Diablo III anyone? :D) or ps3 ppl? :3 I would say xbox but it died ;__;
-College student (Majoring in computer science)
-Im genuinely a very kind person but very quiet (my downfall)
-I listen to anything (music) right now, at the moment I've been mostly listening to Opera and Video game soundtracks as well.
Not sure what to else to add... hahaha ^//^
I've recently been in the slumps dealing with horrible friends/family and one person who I thought was my best friend but constantly treats me like crap, always puts me down and enjoys letting me know how sad I am for not being social and outgoing like everyone else.
As of right now i'm trying to push the negative people out of my life and slowly meet/make new friends.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :D