April 1st, 2014

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Need some more reading material ^_^

I am 32, Male, live in Minnesota. I work in IT as a system/network administrator. I usually post 2-3 times per week. I mostly post about day-to-day things, my love interests and struggles in that area, social anxiety, finances, my cat, vacations, and other important life events. I am a rock/metal fan so I sometimes post music I like too.
I tend to comment on entries I can relate to in some way, so if you have stuff in common with me I'll comment more.
Add me if that interests you and let me know so I can add you back :)

Like-minded friends?

Hey everyone!

I'm 27, a single mother of a five year old son.  I'm a Navy veteran, currently a student working on a Bachelor's in Finance.  I live in Colorado Springs, CO, although I'm originally from Kentucky.  I've done a lot of traveling, lived in Japan for six months, California for five years.  I'll get to Europe some day, I swear!

Things I like:
cats: I have one, a Turkish Van named Sammie.
rats: I have two boys named Jack and Bill.
music: Lana Del Rey, Childish Gambino, Lorde, classic rock, dream pop, oldies, lots!  Don't like metal or similar, but don't mind it.
writing: NaNoWriMo, anyone?  Working on a fantasy-adventure novel.
reading: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter (I have 3 HP-related tattoos), Hunger Games, historical fiction, history, cookbooks
cooking/eating: Anything remotely Mediterranean, Cuban, Indian, vegetarian.  I love coconut anything and eating clean, healthy food.
coffee/tea: I drink it all day long!
cultures: I'm fascinated with the simple, daily lives of everyone else.  Especially if you live in another country!

I post about any and everything.  I'd really like to meet other single moms or anyone who is working on goals like losing weight, writing a book, etc.  I love setting goals for myself and encouraging others.

Important to note: I'm not into drugs and I recently stopped drinking alcohol due to a lot of issues it was causing in my life.  I don't mind if you do either, but if your journal is heavily drug or alcohol based, please don't add me.  Thank you.
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My name is Ashley, but I mostly go by Ashie or other shorter variations of my first name. I'm 25 and I live in Southeastern Minnesota with my husband of almost three years and his parents (the living situation is a long, complicated story). I've got a connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome, so I've got a whole slew of medical issues that will inevitably come up at some point or another. Husband and I have a dog and some rodents, which we love to pieces, and there are two other dogs and a handful of cats in the household, all of which I love to pieces as well.

I love Halloween, it's something that I've always loved. I own a hearse (and my husband has one, too), but that's not directly related to our love for Halloween (though they do make some really amazing Halloween decorations, not going to lie!). I love to knit and crochet, I'm always making something for someone and am also currently trying to make a business out of it. I love to read, my favorite authors being Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, and Hunter S. Thompson. I also love the Harry Potter series and a handful of Terry Pratchett books. I like music, David Bowie being my number one favorite, but I love industrial (KMFDM, Tool, etc.), Metal (Pantera, Ministry, Rammstein, etc.), 60s (Pink Floyd, The Mama's and the Papa's, The Animals, Peter, Paul, and Mary, etc.) and a guilty pleasure being the BackStreet Boys. I like just about everything but pop and current country. I like Disney/Pixar movies, I don't think I'll ever grow out of those. I also like b-horror movies, you can't go wrong with Ramero or Raimi.

I'm trying to become more sex-positive, so there's a lot of talk about sexuality/sex in general, I usually put it under a cut with a warning so it's easily skipped over. I'm also trying to be a little more open with my feelings because I don't have anywhere to go with them besides my husband, and there are just some things that I feel that he gets sick of hearing/don't want to talk to him about/need an unbiased opinion about.

I'm a little spotty on posting my own entires, there are bouts of posting ever day/every other day, then there will be a couple of weeks/a month where I won't post much at all. However! I always read, and I almost always comment.

Anyways! Let's be friends?! Eh? Eh? Comment here or at my Friends Only post, please. That way I know where you found me/why your name is suddenly on my list.
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Hi, hello!

Hi, I'm Kara, 30, married and from the US, although I identify myself more with the UK as my husband is English. I'm not new to LJ, but I have taken a long hiatus and I'm back with a completely new journal. I'm a huge fan of Coheed & Cambria and Tom Hiddleston. My journal is going to be my way of dealing with my life in the last 5+ years. It's been quite an interesting ride.
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My name's Fawn (Fawndolyn for 'short'). I'm 32, living with my boyfriend in Rochester, NY (home of such things as Kodak film & George Eastman, the National Museum of Play, Susan B. Anthony, the Top-Free Seven, and the Garbage Plate).

I don't post every day, but I'm trying to post more (enticed myself to do such by getting a paid account, just the other day).

Things I tend to post about:
  • travels (just went to NYC, going to Toronto next month)
  • art (I draw, paint, and take photos, among other things)
  • music (chiefly Voltaire, Dionysos, Sisters of Murphy, and Bella Morte, three of which are friends - I also like Emilie Autumn, Tchaikovsky, The Mountain Goats, any Stephin Merritt project, The Pillows, Malice Mizer, Apocalyptica, Parov Stellar, old-timey music, Rasputina, Caravan Palace, and lots more)
  • comics (I have friends in the business, plus I try my hand at my own. Favourites are Transmetropolitan, Wet Moon, Fables, Fairest, Courtney Crumrin, Sandman, The Maxx, Saga, Y The Last Man, assorted webcomics, and more)
  • my personal projects (I draw, sew, make steampunk jewelry, attempt to draw comics, and try to write stuff, just to list a few)
  • work (I'm in student tech support at the community college, I make websites for artists, and sell handmade jewelry & buttons)
  • movies (though I tend to keep reviews on my Letterboxd account. Favs are Scott Pilgrim, The Dead Inside, Lo, Heavenly Creatures, An American Haunting, Weirdsville, Malice in Wonderland, and more)
  • books (again, reviews kept elsewhere, on my Goodreads account. Favourite authors include Warren Ellis, Kelly Thompson, Terry Pratchett, Ray Bradbury, Vladimir Nabokov, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, Laurie Notaro, and my top 3 books are Lord of the Flies, 1984, and Lolita)
  • hanging out with friends
  • adventures (I'm an urban explorer)
  • and on occasion, bitch-fest'ing.

Other things about me - I like veg'ing out in front of the tv with tea, I have depression (but I only mention it in passing, with the occasional afformentioned bitch-fest), I'm pro-choice, pro-equality, I toggle between atheism and agnostic, I'm fat and trying to lose weight, I like to dress in Lolita, Goth, and Steampunk, I secretly dread going out to socialize, but crave it and never regret it, I used to be a human guinea pig, I have had 3 best friends and 2 boyfriends die, have 3 prison pen-pals (as well as a number of other pen-pals around the world), I'm trying to learn French (can read it, can't pronounce for shit, though), I swear a lot, I love cartoons, I'm bisexual/pansexual, I love getting my hands dirty, I've never been arrested, and my work station at home is a disaster.

Really, the best way to find out of we're gonna rock a new friendship is to go forth and view my journal (it's hardly friends-only).

So... Wanna be super-special LiveJournal Friends(tm)?