April 15th, 2014


Hello friends.

My name is Ashley. I recently moved to Arkansas from Louisiana. Everything is still new here. I will be 23 this month. I have two dogs i love dearly. I have a very active interesting life as i make friends with anyone and everyone so i have lots of silly experiences to talk about. I recently went on a cross country trip with a friend. We had no plan and we just took off. times have been hard since i've got back but they seem to be more stable now. I live with my boyfriend. We live together but he started off as my room mate then moved to my boyfriend. We have officially been together for only a couple of weeks. I am not really a fan of relationships so you might hear me rant about relationships or my own relationship. Its very confusing even for me ;) I work in a head shop. hopefully ill find something better soon.

I write in my journal some what often. I like making friends with the people i add and often talk to my LJ friends on yahoo messenger. I comment when i have things to say. I dont expect anyone to comment on everything i post either. I enjoy posting pictures of myself. I write about my problems a lot because i dont really talk to people outside of the internet about my feels. i value advice and opinions but please beware im really bad at following advice so don't take it personally.

Now... my journal is 18+ you know why? becuase i write and post erotic stories. I'm a pretty sexual person and i like to write about my real experiences in story form. not all the stories i post are real. I write other things but this is what i enjoy to post in my journal from time to time. So please 18+ only.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! comment for an add :)