April 29th, 2014

Interesting Idea

So, found this community randomly.  Kind of an interesting idea.

So, about me...I am a guy that lives in the Chicago Suburbs.  Will be celebrating my tenth anniversary of my 30th birthday in August.

Interests involve reading, zoning to netflix, photography and sleep.

I am currently working full time and going to school nights almost full time.  I am studying for radiology.

I have worked several jobs in customer service and I am ready for a career.

Hmm..not sure what else to add.  So, yeah..drop a note to say hi.


I teach Philosophy at a school in England and I'm interested in art, music, films...
Some of the bands I like are: Johnny Cash, U2, early Prince, ELVIS, post-punk, Katy Perry.
Films - most of David Lynch's and Danny Boyle's; most of Clint Eastwood's, Bill Murrey's, Daniel Craig's... I like European films and I'm currently trying to learn the  Spanish and French languages.
: /
I find it really interesting how the place you're brought up in and live in influences your outlook on life and I love learning about different cultures. I love diversity and understanding how other people tick and see things. Having said that, I'm not interested in arguments about which belief system is wrong or right.
I'm a Christian but I'd rather spend time with people who are caring and fun than those who follow a particular belief system.
I guess I'm interested in people with a similar attitude and from a variety of places.