May 11th, 2014


I have been on lj for a long time! Just came back. Add me so we can be friends. :)

The reason I want to start up my journal again is because I want to capture the memories I make day to day. Also write about things I don't feel comfortable speaking aloud. I like to learn about other peoples lives and how they experience things as well as communicate back and forth. I love receiving advice.

I am 25
I have two children. I have a boyfriend going on three years. :)
I like most outdoor activites... Except I rarely do them.
I am hard headed. And at times self conscious.
I try my hardest to stay positive. I'm nice until I have a reason not to be.
I don't do drama.
I love music.
And Fun.

Add me I am open to all kind of new friendships. )