June 10th, 2014



Hi everyone.

My name's Mimi (No, it's not my real name XD). I'm a malaysian chinese girl from the beautiful country of Switzerland
I turned 25 last month and I finished my bachelor in February. Started into working life the same month.

I used to be a full time LJ-user years ago (under the name sweetscraze), but then decided to take a break from all the being-online. So I deleted all of my profiled and posts and accounts I could find on the internet.
Instead I enjoyed my life as a full-time (geeky) student and spent all my money I could save up to go travel.
My big love has always been writing though. I'm not especially good at writing (you will find out soon if you read my posts) ^^ But I try not to "write-like" something, but instead I just usually scribble down whatever pops into my head. Sometimes, if I re-read my old stuff I can't figure out what I actually meant. haha XD

Anyway, as you might have already figures, I love travelling! :) I'm always planning for my next trip and the next after that one..
I really love exchanging and learning about different cultures and meet new people. Travellers are all such open-minded, free-spirited people... And I just admire all those people who leave everything behind and go on a journey.. :) In the end, it is true! - if you travel far enough, you will find yourself. -

Ok enough on that topic :)
My other hobbies/interests are: playing my piano, going for a good game of squash, beer (I love trying out new beer! Could call me a beer-enthusiast :3 haha.)
Because of all the travelling I'm also really intersted in history, especially everything about Japan & Korea but also Ireland has really attracted my interest for many many years already.

I did aLOT of graphics under my old LJ name! You know, stuff like icons, banners, layouts etc. Most of them were fandom (Arashi 嵐, NEWS, SuJu, TVXQ etc ...) graphics. I still make them for personal use only though and I still love using my reaaaaly out-of date Photoshop version 7.0 XD *lol*

If you're still reading now and haven't scrolled down to the next post -- *YAY you!*

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If you think what I wrote here was interesting, please feel free to drop a comment! :) i'd be thrilled.
I'm excited and can't wait to get to know many new people! I hope it works out fine and we'll go on an awesome journey toghether!

Cheers! & Take Care..