June 12th, 2014

Sailor Moon // Neo Queen Serenity Beauty

Looking for Friends

I am going to make this simple!

- My name is Rose
- 28 years old
- Married 5 years/No children
- I went on a hiatus and now I am back. :]

Things I like:

- Sailor Moon
- Avatar: The Last Air Bender/ Legend of Korra
- Nintendo 3DS/Animal Crossing/Kingdom Hearts
- MMORPG Wizard 101 (Slight Obsession)
- Books: Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Divergent to name the popular ones
- Music: VNV Nation/Eisley/Placebo/Orgy/Lindsay Stirling and other eclectic tastes in music

Journal Disclaimer: I am bisexual and so is my husband. I am in an poly-relationship though I don't really go into detail about it, if it is against your morals I understand I just want to get it out there so there are no surprises when it is brought up in my journal from time to time, I don't care to offend anyone. Also I have a custom group where I do talk about my sexual adventures so if you would like to read about that as well let me know! :]

If you want to know more about me check out my userinfo. I look forward to making new friends.

Below is a picture of me, I don't really have many photos of myself and really don't do selfies but I made an exception for this.

[music] the kills - fotos


I'm Lauren and I turned 29 in May. I've been using Livejournal for a long time, but I stopped a few years ago when my friends started posting less and less. I want to start using it more regularly again so I'd like some new friends :)

I like:
Blythe dolls
Lolita fashion
Tattoos (I have 3 and plans for a bunch more)
Harry Potter
Animal Crossing
Anime & Manga (esp Sailor Moon)
Kpop & Jpop

Some of my other favorite music: Patrick Wolf, The Kills, Andrew Bird, Tegan and Sara, HIM, Silverchair, Florence and the Machine, The Birthday Masacre, The Cure, Garbage

TV: Doctor Who, Bones, Dexter, The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, New Girl, Supernatural, Merlin, True Blood, Hemlock Grove, Orange Is The New Black

Other random bits:
I'm currently living in my hometown in Connecticut, but I'll be moving back to Los Angeles, CA in a few months.
Links to tumblr/goodreads/last.fm are in my profile so you can lurk for more about me.

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I think that's about it!


Hello! My name is Tatyana. I am 17 years old. I finished school in this year. I had other account but I wanted to change username.
I like cats, Japan, Sweden, listening music. I will post photos of Russia where I was born and where I live now by tags "photos" and "Russia".
I speak Russian, English, Spanish. Welcome!