June 24th, 2014

Hello add_me!

Hi! I'm Wolfie, a 22-year-old Scandinavian. I started on LJ a little over a year ago, and to mark that anniversary I thought I'd post here again in hopes of meeting new, interesting people.

I graduated this spring as a musician, and will hopefully be studying musicology next fall. My main focus was violin (which has always been my main instrument), composition and combining rhythm music with classical. I like what I do a lot: for the past few years my life has been about studying, playing and trying to understand better. I'm curious about pretty much everything: I want to understand and be able to process every phenomenon I come across with, cultural history, human psychology, philosophy and social studies, all of it. I always thought my place was in a symphonic orchestra, but lately contemporary and rhythm music have become a big part of my musicianship. I like being between two different kinds of musical atmospheres.

Apart from the studies, I like slow Sundays (because they're so rare), reading, coffee, wine, live music, ice hockey, thrift shops, good conversation (although I'm a better listener than speaker). The glass is always half full. I'm a bit of a nerdy scholar kind of person, introverted and a little awkward with my femininity. I think about gender roles and identity and sometimes write about that. Anything really personal or possibly disturbing has a warning or a cut. My views on society lean to the left but I don't exactly have a political conviction. I have my kind of faith but don't recognize any religion. Beliefs (along with everything else) are up for conversation, as long as it stays constructive and respective.

I'm looking for other open-minded people, conversation and interesting journals to read on my breaks. I mainly write about what goes through my mind during the day. Sometimes there's a point or a deeper thought behind it, sometimes not. I post two to four times a week but read every day. I don't do fandom, I don't even have a TV. I like some movies but it's just a pass-time. I also don't have kids (or a significant other) so journals that are all about those things might not be my cup of tea.

In general I'm not picky about your background, interests, beliefs, age or life situation, gender or anything like that. All I ask for is mutual respect and, preferably, interest. Feel free to check out my profile and the few public entries I have (I mostly write friends only), and also ask if you've got any questions!

So add me and drop me a line here if you're interested, and I'll be glad to add you back! :)

Looking for new friends

  • I am a Scots lass who was born into a farming community. I spent a huge chunk of my life on the farm and other farms with my childhood friends.

  • I am very patriotic to my roots and even though I have ventured out of the county a few times, I always end up back home.

  • My working background is with people with challenging behaviours and the homeless. I currently work for a charity, managing a youth homeless service. I have studied throughout my life and am Social Work trained, with management, counselling, psychology,  advice and Guidance and teaching qualifications

  • have four children and 3 Grandchildren. I married young, and am still young (ish)

  • I love animals and have 2 horses and a dog.

  • I am very nature based and follow a Pagan path. I love being near water and also walking amongst wooded areas.

  • I live with my partner in a small Scottish village.

Check out my profile for more interests.