July 15th, 2014



Hi all!

I'm a babbling book nerd of 25. That sums it up nicely...right? No? Ok.

I really do LOVE to read more than just about anything. Like...the house I just moved into has an extra room just so I could turn it into a library. Ok...maybe not JUST for that reason. But that is what happened. Some of my absolute all time favorite books are the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop, the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey, and pretty much anything with Tamora Pierce's name on it.

I don't watch much tv anymore, and I'm pretty behind on all my favorite shows. I think Bones and Once Upon a Time are my favorites right now. Oh! And Game of Thrones.

I JUST moved into a new house about two months ago with my boyfriend. It's the first time I've ever lived with a significant other and it is not without its trials. Lol. One of my friends has told me that I'm becoming very domestic. :P I'm trying to grow an herb garden and tomatoes for the first time ever in my life. As well as trying to learn to grow and not kill house plants. Other gardeners with advice would be so welcome!

I adore furry things. I am mommy to a 2 year old australian shepherd and mcnab cross. Her name is Cailee. She's....a trial. Which I'm sure can be said about human children too. Lol. She's incredibly sweet. One of the sweetest tempered dogs I've ever met. She's also way too smart for her own good. To the point if she knows she will get scolded for something, she will come and check to see if my boyfriend is watching her before she sneaks out to cause mischief like digging tunnels to China in my back yard.

I'm also mommy to two kitties. Romeo is a floofy orange tabby of 6 and Gremlin is a big gray tabby of 5. Unfortunately, the boy is VERY allergic to their dander. So, for the time being they reside with my parents and I must make do with visits. Hopefully in the future he will be able to get the injections and be cured so my furbabies can come live with us too.

What else is there? Ummm...just ask! Lol. I wanna to get this posted so I can start meeting new people!

Back on lj!

Hi guys!
Been scrolling a bit through this community and as a lot of people here I'm back on lj after a year's hiatus. I just deleted all of my old friend's list so I'm looking for a few journals to read and people to interract with.

About me: My name is Marie, I'm 26 going on 15 and I live in Quebec Canada. I have a background in English Literature and Teaching and I'm currently teaching English part time and working as a Realy Operator for deaf and hearing impaired people full time. When I'm done working a million hours a week and I've slept twice as much to recover (this job drains you, people) I enjoy reading (I'll read just about anything and I love getting recommendations. I'm a sucker for the YA genre though), music (my taste ranges from metal, to gothic rock, to industrial/ebm, to kpop, to indie music with some soundtracks in between. As for books, I love it when people recommend me music.), video games, watching tv shows, movies, anime and Korean dramas and wasting time on the Internet *coughtumblrcough*. I'm also interested in things liike alternative fashion, Japanese and Korean cultures and languages, veganism and and anything surrounding geek culture. So yes I am a huge nerd and you're bound to get some fandom posts which includes an extensive use of gifs if you add me. Personality wise I tend to be somewhat cynical and introverted if you don't know me, but there's a nice person under all those layers of sarcasm.

What you'll find on my blog: Posts about daily life, pictures, music, some fangirl feels everytime something of importance is released (if that bothers you, it's best if you don't add me)

What I'm looking for: People around my age or older that I can related to and who have similar interests. It would be nice if you were into a fandom (or fandoms) of any kind, or just really nerdy, nerds are cool. I'd also like to meet people who are as passionate about books and music as I am. Or someone who can recommend me anime, I've been out of touch with the genre for a while... Finally I'm not looking to add that many people as I'd really like to get to know the people on my friend's list. I tend to disappear from the Internet a lot, so I'd like to find people who would keep me interesting in posting for more than a few months at a time.

What I'm not looking for i.e here's the part where I offend lots of people Please don't add me if your journal is filled with drama, religion or angry political rants.It's all nice and good to have a place to vent, but it's not something I'm interested in reading as I'm trying to keep my life and journal as positive as possible. Also I guess this is the part where I tell you guys that I'm childfree, so if you constantly post about your kids, we probably won't connect. Please don't hate me. I love animals though and will welcome all posts about your furry children.

So I  guess that's it. Feel free to send me a message/ add me if you think we could get along. :) I'm not as boring as I sound I promise.
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About Me: Hi, my name is Val. I'm 36, married, no children. I have four cats. I live in Ontario, Canada. Proud Auntie to three little boys. I co-host a knitting/crochet podcast with my BFF. Retired Law Clerk. Dealing with depression and anxiety with agoraphobia for 9 years now (had to leave work 3 years ago). Working very hard with doctors and counselling towards recovery and recently making very good progress :) I'm an upbeat, generally positive person who loves to laugh and enjoy life.

Interests/Hobbies: I spend a lot of time on twitter and tumblr. I knit and crochet in my spare time, and I also write m/m fanfiction in the Tokio Hotel fandom. Some of my interests are Tom Hiddleston, Hemlock Grove, Game of Thrones, Outlander, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Orange is the New Black, anime (Attack on Titan, Escaflowne, Ouran High School Host Club). I have had an interest in Christianity and Witchcraft and the Occult for many, many years, as well as astrology, tarot reading and runes.

What I write about in my LJ: My LJ is locked down to friends only. I write about my days - my achievements with my counselling, things that are happening in my life. I do gush about my nephews, as I love children though I don't have any of my own. Sometimes I'll post fic that I"m working on or finished. At times I'll post inspiring quotes, or the odd meme. I don't complain or rant very much in my LJ as I'm a rather private person and I find that too much negativity leaves your LJ posts ignored.

Friending Policy: If in a few weeks you don't find us compatible, just unfriend me - no muss, no fuss. These things happen. I generally only ask for reasons why if it's been months, we've interacted several times and then I get unfriended out of the blue. But otherwise, I am fairly easy going. I do ask that you take responsibility for the energy that you bring to my LJ.