September 14th, 2014



Hello everyone!

I'm not new to LJ, having had a few journals over the past, but with a few upheavals and changes in my life of late, I've made a fresh start on a new journal. A few people from my previous journal followed me to my new one, but most didn't, which makes me think that the rumour of fewer and fewer people actually using or taking notice of their journal has come to bear.

So if you're someone who still does use your LJ, and enjoys making friends and isn't disposable with your friendships, I'm interested in you!

I'm an Aussie male, living in the not-so-sunny climes (by Australian standards) of Melbourne. I have a varied history, having worked as a radio DJ to working in IT, to being a university lecturer (younger than some of my students at the time!) to journalism to working in a conservation fund which I had a part in setting up.

I'm a bit of a nerd at heart (and proud of it) - I enjoy books, trivia, science fiction, movies, art, music... a bit of everything really. I believe in humanity, reason, kindness, loyalty, friendship, education, a sense of fair play, and love animals. To the point that I did a TED talk last year about a combination of some of these topics.

If this piques your interest, drop me a line!