September 15th, 2014

(no subject)

I had something posted here the other day, but I took it down after 2 people took my pizza comment too seriously in a short amount of time.

Anyway, I'm a 24 year old from Colorado. I'm just looking for people to meet and learn from. I had one of these years ago and decided to come back. This website has changed a lot since I was on here, but I intend to use it how I did in the past: as a way to document my life and thoughts, and read posts from those that intend the same. I'm not really interesting though, so don't expect a page-turning novel out of me.

What I like: Snakes/Herpetology, history, guns, reading, science, astronomy, books, beer, beards, coffee, my truck, camping, fishing, hiking, music, and sadly enough: working.

Don't care for: ignorant people, constant political posters, drama queens, people that use the word 'swag', and stuck ups.

Anything else? Just look at my profile.

It's nice to be back on this site :)
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