October 4th, 2014

"You built a panic room?"

Hi. I'm Preston.

I'm a 27 year old, Early Childhood Educator, who happens to work with toddlers.

I am genderfluid, pansexual and single.

I am a solitary Wiccan.

I am a gothic nerd (and a Nerdfighter - if you know what this is, that's awesome. If not, please do ask!), and I love being that way.

I have 9 cats, and 1 very old dog.

I live in a small house with my mother - because if we lived alone we'd both need roommates anyways.

I like reading, watching TV (current shows are: Outlander, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, and Doctor Who), interior and exterior house design, playing video games (PC and console), old typewriters, gothic architecture, Victorian homes, sleeping, and long baths.

I will be posting mostly about my work as an ECE, thoughts from a childcare worker, my life outside of work (seriously, I don't just live and breathe work!), occasionally a controversial topic or two, maybe articles I find interesting, and lots of pictures of my cats (yeah... I'm a crazy cat person, sue me).

Most of my posts will be public, however ones that I feel are more personal in nature will be set to "Friends Only".

So feel more than free to check out the entries I already have. I'm not planning on being one of those annoying people who posts eight times a day, but I cannot promise I won't, and I can't promise that there won't be a week without any posts.

If you like what you see, please add me.

Have an awesome day, and Best Wishes,

Looking for Friends... Again!


I'm a filmmaker and a writer. I write for a horror magazine (articles and daily blogs) and am a sideshow performer on hiatus (straitjacket escapes, fire-eating, glass-walking, etc.-- haven't performed since late 2012, but I've done shows with ICP-- not really a fan, by the way-- and traveled with carnivals). I'm shooting a film next weekend, so I'm posting a lot about that right now. I graduate with my BFA in creative writing for entertainment in November, so I write about that a lot too.

I'm vegan and into animal rights/welfare. However, I know it's a hot topic for some people to debate, so if you have an aversion to veganism or animal rights, I don't really want to talk to you on LJ. I've been a vegan for almost five years and I'm over the thrill of debating with people who will never change their minds.

I used to ride horses (groomed for polo, trained for eventing)... and I might again eventually. Yes, I am aware that it contradicts with veganism. This is a battle that I face myself. I'm a hypocrite. I'm human (sadly).

I suffer from depression and probably several other mental health issues, but I don't write about it as much anymore, but those posts do come up. You have been warned.

I love horror, art, photography, filmmaking, crafty things... and I hope you like those things, too. I get along well with artists and performers, but hate pretentiousness. That's the entire reason I dropped out of my film program in Ohio.

I'm a Seattle transplant, but technically I am "living" in Redmond. I actually live behind someone else's couch with my husband and have been for the past year because of some issues I had with our previous landlord/boss (Note to self: never mix living arrangements with work ever again).

I'm 28 and have been on LJ since its inception on various different names.

This was a very boring post and I probably said "I" so much that I don't seem like a legitimate writer. My life is actually much more colorful than I made it seem in this post... which if you and I become friends, you will probably find out. I'm opinionated, passionate, and I act on things... all of which usually get me into trouble.
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