November 8th, 2014

Hi :)

So I've posted here before, quite a while ago, and thought that I'd have another go at it. I'm Mike, in my mid 30's, live in Austin, TX, USA, work for a software company. I am totaly blind. I write about my daily life and sometimes about local Austin politics (I find land use and transit issues/politics in a growing city to be realy interesting, although I just have a BS degree in something completely unrelated, so I'm probably BSing if I digress and start talking about them). Anyway, add_me if you'd like.

several shades of me

To give anyone an idea about me I thought I would make this post, as an indication of what to expect. I am interested to meet people with similar interests and share thoughts and feelings about all of life's intricate experiences.

This is a list of films I am currently queuing to watch.
I love films but I find myself more drawn to entertainment with a humanistic story to tell. I enjoy character development, plot, good acting and photography in a film. I find myself hardly interested in films about comic book heroes or the latest sci-fi Armageddon films, although there are a few exceptions to that. Some of my favourite male actors are Paul Newman and Guy Pearce. Both from different era's but both excellent actor's who manage to play male roles with emotion and sensitivity, not just muscles and chiselled looks! I think if you ask a man who his favourite male actor is, it will reveal a little about the man and how he feels about himself.

Below is an image of mine. This is a photo of a painting which I painted although the painting is of only one face, not the two you see in this image. It is a self portrait which I painted in black and white acrylic paint onto hardboard. I then photographed it using ICM technique (intentional camera movement) during the exposure. It gave this nice ghostly double exposure look. I love doing things like this, playing around with materials or techniques to create something unique.


Musicwise I like things like Echo and the Bunnymen, Jesus and mary chain, Suede, Bowie and more recently Le Butcherettes.

I also brew my own beer but enjoy going to pubs to sample the many different kinds of beer available out there, especially after a nice walk in the countryside or visiting villages and cities around here.

Here is a photo of me in London, mooching around with my camera on the southbank. I am the guy in the long coat ;)

This is where I live now, not in the castle, but in Rochester. That is Rochester Castle and it is a short walk from my place so i photography it and the river beside it, often.

And voila, I think that is enough for now. If you want to find out more and be friends then just add me,

Things about me!

Hello everyone! I have a new livejournal and I just wanted to type a bit about me here so here goes. I'm 28 years old and live in around Sacramento, CA. I have been out here for more than a year and love the area! I work at a call center but plan on working my way up the ranks with the company I work for.

On my spare time I like to watch youtube videos and play video games. I haven't been able to play as much as I used to as a child but I still manage to play as much as life gives me time to. I love games like Zelda, Final Fantasy or other RPG genre games that seem to peak my interests. I love listening to music and watching anime. Again I used to watch a lot more anime as a teenager but still manage to find time to try and watch some anime, new and old ones alike.

My major passion is planning out days of the year to head to conventions, whether it be anime, comic or video gaming conventions they are just addicting! I love all the cosplayers and taking pictures has pretty much become a little hobby of mine. I secretly would like to do dress up myself but I find myself being too self-conscious and maybe just wearing a wig at most to the events. However, I still enjoy going to these events just for the simple fact I get to meet up with awesome people.

Anyways, I've gone on long enough. Hit me up if your like minded or just want to chit-chat. ^_^