December 4th, 2014

New Friends

I haven't done an add me post in years and reality is not even half of the people I keep as friends update anymore, I just keep in touch with them through other forms of social media.
I read Livejournals everyday except on the weekends when I disconnect myself from technology and work but I do try to comment as much as possible.

I've been on Livejoural since 2005, I have a very soft spot for this place. I started writing on my last year of high school, went to uni and did Veterinary Science for five years and a half and straight after finishing my degree I jumped on a plane and moved from Argentina to Australia not knowing what would happen. Three years and a half later I'm happily living in Sydney and enjoying life.

Long story short I'm Jesi, I'm turning 27 in less than a week, my English is not perfect but it has improved a lot and to be honest I have this place to thank, every time I update I do it in English. I've travelled a lot around the world, I'm very family orientated, my sister moved to Sydney almost 2 years ago and got married to one of my friends so I do write about them. Her and my mum, who's currently in Argentina, are my world. I was heartbroken at the start of the year due to a messed up relationship but I have found love again and I write about her a lot. She has shaken my world in the best possible way. I'm openly gay and proud of who I am. I love food, I love exercising, I love socialising, I love going to the beach as much as staying in bed being a sloth watching movies and eating chocolate, I love wearing pyjamas and of course animals are a big part of my life. I'm not practising right now, I'm finalising my paperwork next year so I can become a permanent residence here, but I do intend to go back to the field. My entries are usually happy because life has been great lately, I also post photos occasionally.

I love LJ, I have made some real life keeper friendships through this place. I'm looking for people who are genuinely looking for friendships, I'm not interested in being a number on someone's Friends List, I hate it. I'm pretty friendly myself so if you are interested let me know :)