December 6th, 2014

My life

I know I put a basic information post on here, but it didn't say a lot about me. My name is Chandra and I am dyslexic. That means I make tons of grammar mistakes! If I do make those mistakes tell me, I won't be offended. Even though I am dyslexic I love to write. I have trouble coming up with my own characters, so I take characters (mostly from T.V. shows or celebrities) that I find interesting.

Other than writing I love archery and quilting. Archery is a very fun sport for me. I can do it for hours at a time. Here is a picture of my target:


As far as quilting goes I am an administrator of my own quilting group. I may sometimes post about my quilts.

I wrote this post because I wanted you to know more about me and to see if anyone had the same interest.
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