December 17th, 2014

i had longing

I'm Amira

and a seductress in training. That sounds awesome.

I have a lot of needs and interests and for the most part my blog with feature them all. I won't be going too in depth to my life unless I really need to but for the most part I'll just be a girl named Amira whom you know less about what's on her Identification Card and more what her personality traits are and that's how I prefer to be as a whole.

i woudl list my interests but I've barely got time to write entries about my love for the animu, graphic design, and dumb memes. But, who knows? Even if we don't share the same interests, the fact that you have passion for something is what's truly the hook, for me, so, I'd love to just read you gush.

I'm an intellectual and I like intellectual reads. The idea of seducing is just another intellecutal process for me that I'm working on.

Add me, or comment and add - whichever folds your laundry.